Tossing and turning in bed

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tossing and turning in bed

None of us have a perfect night's sleep every night. But why do some of us toss and turn nearly every night? The Eight app uses data from the.


Tired of tossing and turning? We've discovered the secrets to blissful slumber. In addition to food, water and air, sleep is the one thing we truly can't live without. But experts say more and more women are falling short on shut-eye, and staring at the ceiling all night isn't just frustrating it can also be life-threatening. According to the National Sleep Foundation NSF , the 40 million Americans who now suffer from sleep disorders are at higher risk for a slew of serious health issues.

It doesn't take too many nights of poor sleep before you start to feel crappy. Sleep wreaks havoc on your mood, energy, and ability to focus. You find you're short-tempered with your loved ones and take short-cuts to get things done. You feel like you wanna go back to bed before your day has even started! These are issues you'll notice even after a couple of restless nights. Chronic sleep deprivation occurs when the restlessness doesn't let up and you find you're now weeks or months into a pattern of poor sleep.

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Top Rated Answers Anonymous May 12th, pm. Could be numerous reasons. There could be something there subconsciously, even though you're not directly thinking about it. It could be something completely irrelevant such as the comfort of the bed, the bedsheets or the temperature of the room. Did you find this post helpful?

Is restful sleep merely an illusion as you wake up in the morning feeling just as tired as you went to bed? According to the American Sleep Association, fifty to seventy million U. There are instances when a lack of sleep can be traced to particular health disorders. For example, while sleep disorders do not cause depression, a study found that there are strong links between sleep and depression. Sleep is vital for our body. While we sleep, the body ideally enters a phase that allows it to recover and recuperate.


How to Stop Tossing and Turning All Night Long

Women generally have more difficulty sleeping than men. We may blame it on our hormones, our partner's snoring, our kids, our dogs, our overloaded minds or any number of other issues, but the fact is, lack of sleep can make us tired and grouchy. So what's a woman to do? Perhaps surprisingly, we should start by getting out of bed, says Steve Orma, PsyD , a former insomnia sufferer and clinical psychologist specializing in anxiety and insomnia. Here are a few on avoiding those endless hours of tossing and turning:.

It can cause you to stop breathing for 20 to 30 seconds at a time, numerous times throughout the night. Untreated apnea can increase the risk of a number of diseases, including high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and some headache syndromes., Tossing and turning in bed is normal every now and then. Most people remain still during their dreams , but those with RBD act out their dreams, moving their limbs about, walking, and even hitting and punching.


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