Wilson and ditch digging america

Wilson & Ditch Digging the Black Hills

wilson and ditch digging america

Meet Wilson and Ditch, two funny, energetic and talkative gopher brothers, who are in a van and driving around America. These gopher brothers drive from city.

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While learning about American culture, history and geography, brothers Wilson and Ditch ride in style in their green-powered van, sharing experiences and real world resources for kids ages 6 10 and their families as they visit some of the country's top cities, national parks and attractions. Two new games also will be added to the site where kids will go, go, go on a race through six states in the "Go Go GoBros" adventure! Players take Ditch for a ride on a cool vehicle and cruise through different locations dodging obstacles along the way to earn smashed pennies! And in "You are Here" kids will be asked questions about the different states the GoBros have visited on their travels. When they answer correctly they'll get a puzzle piece helping them earn smashed pennies to spend in the Souvenir Shack! Still to come this year is the September 9 debut of their visit to Grand Canyon, Arizona. PBS KIDS worked closely with early elementary school kids and industry experts to create this destination for an audience with limited choices for media content that is both fun and educational.

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Post a Comment. The three to four-minute webisodes have Wilson and Ditch visiting such cities as Nashville, Tenn. Wilson and Ditch performed by Brian Henson , in above video, and Paul Rugg are endearingly goofy and, combined with their kooky Eastern Euro-sounding accents, make for an unconventional way for kids to virtually visit the country. It reminds me of all the road trips I used to take with my mom or dad. The endlessly long drives, off-the-beaten path stops, the changes of scenery. From the Hershey plant in Hershey, Pa. So far, there's been only one destination for our road trips with CC -- Las Vegas, of all places -- although one of those trips included a Ghost Town experience.

The original webisodes feature two comical gophers exploring America on a cross country adventure. The two brothers, Wilson and Ditch , ride in their green-powered van while learning about American culture, history and geography. The duo shares their experiences with viewers as they visit some of the country's top cities, national parks and attractions. In addition to the webisodes, Wilson and Ditch's new site will also feature original comics, travel blog, on-location audio podcasts, games, and other resources from the brothers' adventures. The animated webisodes star Wilson and Ditch performed by Brian Henson and Paul Rugg who are brought to life using the Henson Digital Puppetry Studio , the proprietary technology that allows performers to puppeteer and voice digitally animated characters in real time.

Jim Henson Company Announces Wilson & Ditch: Digging America Second Season

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  1. Wilson& Ditch: Digging America is a Jim Henson Company digital studio web project produced for thaipoliceplus.com The original webisodes feature two comical.

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