When and where was martin luther king jr assassinated

Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

when and where was martin luther king jr assassinated

James Earl Ray (March 10, – April 23, ) was an American fugitive and felon convicted of assassinating Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis, Tennessee. . On April 4, , Ray killed Martin Luther King Jr. with a single shot fired from .

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Martin Luther King, Jr. A Baptist minister and founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference SCLC , King had led the civil rights movement since the mids, using a combination of impassioned speeches and nonviolent protests to fight segregation and achieve significant civil-rights advances for African Americans. His assassination led to an outpouring of anger among black Americans, as well as a period of national mourning that helped speed the way for an equal housing bill that would be the last significant legislative achievement of the civil rights era. In the last years of his life, King faced mounting criticism from young African-American activists who favored a more confrontational approach to seeking change. As a result of this opposition, King sought to widen his appeal beyond his own race, speaking out publicly against the Vietnam War and working to form a coalition of poor Americans—black and white alike—to address such issues as poverty and unemployment.

Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr. James Earl Ray , a career small-time criminal who became the object of a more than two-month manhunt before he was captured in England , pled guilty to the shooting and received a year prison sentence.
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James Earl Ray, a year-old escaped fugitive, later confessed to the crime and was sentenced to a year prison term. King had arrived in Tennessee on Wednesday, 3 April, to prepare for a march the following Monday on behalf of striking Memphis sanitation workers. An assassin fired a single shot that caused severe wounds to the lower right side of his face. Others on the balcony pointed across the street toward the rear of a boarding house on South Main Street where the shot seemed to have originated. An ambulance rushed King to St. President Lyndon B.

Martin Luther King Jr. Here is a timeline of events before and after his death. April 3, — King arrives in Memphis Tennessee, to support striking sanitation workers and checks into the Lorraine Motel. April 4 before 6 p. He lingers on the balcony to talk to his driver in the courtyard below. April 4 p. Rioting erupts in more than U.

Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

April 4, 1968: Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated

Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassination

Ray was convicted on his 41st birthday after entering a guilty plea to forgo a jury trial. Had he been found guilty by jury trial, he would have been eligible for the death penalty. He had Irish , Scottish and Welsh ancestry and had a Catholic upbringing. In February , Ray's father, known by the nickname Speedy, passed a bad check in Alton, Illinois, then moved to Ewing, Missouri , where the family changed their name to Raynes to avoid law enforcement. His sister Marjorie died in a fire as a young child [7].

Over a half-century ago, Martin Luther King Jr. Fifty-one years have passed since one of the nation's most harrowing episodes unfolded, when at p. On Feb.

What you need to know about the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.



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  1. Martin Luther King Jr., an American clergyman and civil rights leader, was fatally shot at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 4, , at p.m. .

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