Who was the truck driver in smokey and the bandit

Smokey & The Bandit: Rare Facts And Stories Behind The Film

who was the truck driver in smokey and the bandit

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In the original movie, Reynolds played Bandit, who drove a black Pontiac TransAm used to bait police into dramatic chase scenes to help his partner, Cledus, avoid being caught for speeding and hauling an illegal load of Coors. How a U. June 24, in Jonesboro, Ga. The legendary romp was released 40 years ago, and the May Overdrive highlighted the magazine's involvement, notably the inclusion of a truck race banner Presented By: volvotrucksna. Your email address will not be published. Please wait while you are being authenticated

Smokey and the Bandit () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Pat Hustis Tow Truck Driver (uncredited).
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Smokey and the Bandit is a feature film, and the first film in the series of the same name, followed by Smokey and the Bandit II and Smokey and the Bandit, Part 3. Bo Darville is known as Bandit , a truck-driving legend from Atlanta, Georgia. His partner, Cledus Snow known as the Snowman , initially objects because it's bootlegging, illegally transporting the beer east of Texas. Along the way, they pick up Carrie her last name is never mentioned in any of the films , a runaway bride, who was going to marry Junior Justice , son of the stubborn Sheriff Buford T. Justice of Texas. Bandit informs Carrie of their situation, giving her the handle Frog, and Justice pursues them, trying to capture the Bandit and bring Carrie back to marry Junior.

It was the second highest-grossing movie of , directly behind Star Wars. Here are some fast facts about the classic action comedy, which was released 40 years ago today. While Needham was in Georgia working as Reynolds' stunt double in Gator , the driver captain on the set brought some Coors beer from California and brought a couple of cases to Needham's hotel room. After he noticed that the maid kept stealing the beers from the fridge, he remembered a TIME magazine article from about how Coors was unavailable east of the Mississippi River, because the beer was not pasteurized and needed constant refrigeration, and couldn't legally be sold outside of 11 western and southwestern U. Which made him realize that, "bootlegging Coors would make a good plotline for a movie.

The film was the directorial debut of stuntman Hal Needham. The film follows Bo "Bandit" Darville Reynolds and Cledus "Snowman" Snow Reed , two bootleggers , as they attempt to drive from Atlanta to Texarkana , pick up cases of Coors beer , and illegally transport it back to Atlanta in 28 hours or less. While Snow drives the truck carrying the beer, the Bandit drives a Pontiac Trans Am to distract law enforcement and keep the attention off Snow. During their run, they are relentlessly pursued by Buford T. Justice Gleason , a blusterous Texas county sheriff. Smokey and the Bandit was the second highest-grossing domestic film of , second only to Star Wars , the first film in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Burt Reynolds, an icon in trucking film lore, dies at 82

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  1. He drove a replica of the Kenworth W and Hobbs trailer with the elaborate stagecoach holdup mural from the movie.

  2. Smokey and the Bandit is a American action comedy film starring Burt Reynolds, Sally . The tow truck driver was a local garage owner, Berlin Wike.

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