Cross check and all call

Confusing cabin crew jargon explained

cross check and all call

Meaning: Occasionally heard as “disarm your doors and crosscheck,” and announced ALL-CALL “Flight attendants, doors to arrival, crosscheck and all- call.”.

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Second Edition Now Available. Most of it comes not face-to-face, but over a microphone, delivered by employees, seen and unseen, in a tautologically twisted vernacular that binges on jargon, acronyms, and confusing euphemisms. The ways in which airline workers can bend, twist, and otherwise convolute the English language is nothing if not astonishing. All it actually does, though, is burden your synapses by forcing them to deal with far more words than they need to. The phrasing is often so strained and heavy-handed that you can almost hear the sentences crying out in pain. There are people who make dozens of air journeys annually and still have only a vague understanding of many terms.

A former flight attendant helps decode cabin-crew jargon. Have you ever eavesdropped on an airline cabin crew , and wondered the meanings of their jargon? Or "all-call"? The airline world has its own shoptalk and jargon, and listening passengers can discover an entirely new language. Doors must be prepared, or armed, before a plane leaves, and disarmed upon arrival. Depending upon the make and model of aircraft, this can mean lowering or raising a lever with one hand, or physically bending over and securing a bar to the floor latches. Door safety is imperative: unsuspecting gate agents could accidentally open an armed door and have a slide pop out onto them and into the bridge.

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What is cross check and all call

Please refresh the page and retry. H ave you ever been bemused by the lingo used by cabin crew at 30, feet? Want to know what "doors to manual" really means? Before departure, all the exits are put into emergency mode. One crew member will request the rest of the crew to arm the doors during the public announcement meaning that if that door were to be opened the escape chute would automatically deploy. The cross-check part is where the cabin crew physically check that the opposite door has also been armed.

Now what the hell does "cross-check" and. That way there are two.

The secret language of flight attendants







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  1. "Flight attendants, please prepare doors for arrival, cross-check and all-call" over the intercom. Now what the hell does "cross-check" and.

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