Appliance factory and mattress kingdom

Appliance Factory & Mattress Kingdom expects to open this month in downtown Silverthorne

appliance factory and mattress kingdom

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Do you want to be notified about new reviews for Appliance Factory Mattress Kingdom via e-mail? Zero, zip, nada. You are told what to say to every customer and if you deviate, you are written up. You never know what your check will be. Difficult to meet all the ever increasing quotas in all of the categories to get a bonus. It's challenging because of the aged and complicated computer system that takes months to learn and if you make mistakes inevitable you lose your commission and must attend 'trainings' on your days off.

News February 12, The space has a long, rich history and was most recently occupied by Habitat for Humanity before the building was vacated about two years ago. The property has a rich history dating back to the s when the Roush family originally homesteaded over acres in Silverthorne, according to the news release announcing the lease. The company says that there was just one porch light on the plus acre plot in When the recession hit, property was virtually impossible to sell or lease. Habitat for Humanity eventually took over the retail space but after several years Habitat outgrew it and the property was again left unoccupied until now. Start a dialogue, stay on topic and be civil.

The move into mattresses started with a small step in The largest independently owned appliance retailer in Colorado and the 28th largest appliance dealer in the nation, Appliance Factory had some unused space on its floors at the time, so Chuck Ewing was eager to expand his mix with a new category. Logistics also were a factor, since we had the systems and people in place to deliver large products safely into the home. And e-commerce competition was less intense than in many other home-related categories, Ewing adds, because most consumers still prefer to try their beds before purchasing. The first bedding line Appliance Factory introduced to its customers was Serta. Making the change, however, meant dropping Serta from its floors. It was a tough choice, but Appliance Factory opted to make the switch.

Appliance Factory & Mattress Kingdom

Appliance Factory & Mattress Kingdom

Headquarters Location. This is a multi-location business. Find a location. Years in Business: Overview of BBB Ratings. Average of 60 Customer Reviews. View Complaints Summary.

Years in Business: Overview of BBB Ratings.
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Explore the many benefits of having a premium branded profile on Glassdoor, like increased influence and advanced analytics. Read more. Helpful 1. Best pay and benefits in town. Relaxed atmosphere Great discount on mattresses and appliances. The CEO Chuck set up a great industry model and company. The company seems pretty legit, they pay fairly for entry level.


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