Sound and fury 6 years later

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sound and fury 6 years later

Academy Award nominated film Sound and Fury is a documentary that chronicled the life of the Artinian family of Long Island. Sound and Fury Six Years Later.


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The most consistent question I get and still do to this day is: What happened to Heather? We learn that Heather finally did get the implant at 9 years old, as did most of the other deaf children in her extended family. With their implants all the implanted children in the family speak understandably, go to mainstream schools and function in the hearing world. In the film, Heather is 12 years old. She is in a mainstream Middle School and is the only deaf child in her class.

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Videos are generally available for preview to non-members as short clips. Limited full-length titles are also available. Log In to view the full length title. This sequel provides a new look at the Artinian family as it follows them for the next six years of their life. Eventually, they move back to Long Island to receive needed support from their extended family. Cecilia's Story. Eli's Story: Learning To Hear.

Sound And Fury: 6 Years Later

The life of the Artinian family of Long Island was chronicled in the Academy Award nominated film "Sound and Fury " that came out in With the family painfully divided over this issue, Heather's parents decided to move their family to a deaf community to bring their kids up in the signing deaf world. In this stand-alone follow up film we learn that Heather finally did get the implant at 9 years old, as did her 2 younger brothers, her mother, her deaf aunt and her 2 deaf cousins.



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