The amazing world of gumball and my little pony

My Little Pony/The Amazing World of Gumball

the amazing world of gumball and my little pony

Cast Big Macintosh as Gumball, Applejack as Darwin, Apple Bloom as Anais, Pear Butter as Nicole, Bright Mac as Richard, Granny Smith as Granny Jojo, Grand.


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Gumball Watterson is just your average 12 year old blue cat who goes to junior high, tends to fall asleep sometimes at class and always get into one adventurous yet disastrous mischief one after another, whether it be to avoid trouble, to help others or just have fun with his best friend, Darwin. So basically; it just a normal thing to do in his small hometown of Elmore. During the show there was a thunderstorm to which a bolt of lightning that struck the T. Now, with the help of the Mane Six; Gumball will go on to many adventures to learn the true meaning as well as magic of Friendship. As long he gets home in time for dinner This is my first ever story besides it being my first ever crossover story, so honest yet respectable criticism is allowed and welcomed.

One morning in Elmore,a 12 year old cat named Gumball Tristopher Watterson and a 10 year old fish named Darwin Raglan Caspian Ahab Poseidon Nicodemius Watterson III finally awoke from their they went downstairs to find their sister,Anais Watterson,cooking noodles,their finds a note saying,. S Don't forget to wake him up. S Don't feed him kernels. S Don't upset him. Story Story Writer Forum Community. One day while watching his favorite show, Gumball and everyone gets transported to a new world. But when Chrysalis , Sombra and Discord decide to rule Elmore,which universe will help him save his?

Get Daily Updates by Email! Well, it has been a crazy ride and I was wondering if this was going to happen. A service over in the Netherlands called Videoland has If you missed the big news yesterday , the rest of season 9 has released early via Videoland in The Netherlands. Spoilers are pretty muc

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