Difference between 10 inch and 12 inch rough in toilets

Pros & Cons of 10" toilet rough in versus 12" toilet rough in

difference between 10 inch and 12 inch rough in toilets

Is the difference between a 10" & 12" rough-in toilet mean that the I've also read that some toilets, once installed, end up an inch or so from.

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Closet flanges have holes for bolts that secure the base of the toilet to the flange. The term "toilet rough-in" refers to the location where the closet flange for mounting the toilet installs on the floor. If you're measuring for the rough-in, it's important to note that older and newer toilets are not similar. If the measurements are not accurate, the back of the toilet tank may install too far from the wall or the toilet won't fit. To determine the rough-in, make sure that the toilet is on site or you have the manufacturer's specification sheet. Determine the toilet wall where the back of the toilet tank will be, measure it from end to end and spray a dot of marking paint on the floor at the center point.

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Still, did you know that by choosing a inch rough-in toilet, you can save a decent amount of floor space? Two inches might not seem like much now but those with very small bathrooms will understand the struggle. Still, they are not easy to find. So, if you are looking for the perfect match for your bathroom, then you might benefit from reading these 10 inch rough in toilet reviews. Kohler has always made a name for itself, generally because it brings high-quality, luxury-level products for clients at a price that almost anyone can afford. Plus, considering its features, this is also a toilet that almost anyone will appreciate. First of all, the elongated bowl of this particular model will give you enough thigh space while still remaining compact in size.

Below are some tips on how to perform a rough in plumbing for toilet. When you are figuring out your toilet rough in dimensions, you will end up with one of three basic measurements. This is how to measure toilet rough in and toilet dimensions inches. A 12 inch rough in is the most common measurement in bathrooms. This size allows for the most variety in the shape of the bowl and style of the toilet you purchase. Much like a 10 inch rough in toilet, a 14 inch toilet is frequently found in small bathrooms of older homes.

Please note, if your request is an emergency, please call us directly at any time to ensure that we can address your call as soon as able. Apr 25, Articles. Choosing a toilet used to be a simple matter of finding a design that suited you. The rough-in measurement is the distance from the wall to the middle of the toilet flange, which lines up with the center of the hold-down bolts. For a toilet with two bolts on each side, measure to the center of the back bolt. Ideally, measure directly from the wall.

Choosing a Toilet: 8 Tips to Ensure You Get the Right Fit and Flush

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