Jeffree star and nathan married

jeffree star and nathan married


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His relationship withJeffree, career, and family! Jeffree Star is a transgender American pop singer, fashion designer, and songwriter. Nathan Schwandt and Jeffree Star came to know each other through Instagram. The two then met and became close friends. It is said that Schwandt had flown down to California for his first meeting with Jeffree Star.

YouTube sensation, musician, makeup artist and businessman, Jeffree Star is best known for his self-titled YouTube channel which has over 9. Currently years-old, Jeffree is an openly gay man, and he is currently in a relationship with boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. They have been together for years now yet their relationship is often questioned, and there are numerous controversies related to them. Multi-millionaire Jeffree Star is currently in a relationship with Nathan Schwandt, and they have been together since I love traveling the world with the love of my life

Getty Jeffree Star's boyfriend is Nathan Schwandt. Is Jeffree Star married? Jeffree Star is an androgynous makeup artist, vlogger, and social media influencer. In one tweet, Star wrote about marriage. Never take a single day for granted!

By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. The power couples of the modernizing society, Nathan Schwandt and Jeffree Star are more than just lovers but an example to the modern generation with no barriers in sexuality and importantly an inspiration idol to LGBTQ community. Many of you might be unfamiliar with the popular Internet power couple, well let us start with a brief introduction - Jeffree is an American Internet celebrity, makeup artist, model, entrepreneur, and singer who has a successful youtube channel and some hit songs like 'Lollipop Luxury', 'Prom Night' and so forth. Likewise, Nathan is also a media personality, precisely a youtube Vlogger who came into limelight after being featured in the and 'fun and entertaining' youtube channel 'jeffreestar' with his partner Jeffree. So many of you might be anxious about how it all started and what are their future plans as a couple and so forth. Well, we got every detail for you. Soon they started texting each other which later turned into phone calls and after a few months, they decided to meet in person.

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Jeffree Star buys boyfriend's family a mansion. JS LEAVING CALI SOON!? ????

Social media is something that affects our lives significantly. Some people have got this point, and now they are creating successful careers on such platforms as Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you are into all these things, you probably know the answer to the question "Who is Jeffree Star?


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  2. Being Jeffree Star's boyfriend, Nathan has captured the curiosity of the One of the most notable incidents was the Twitter battle he engaged in.

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