Difference in stromboli and calzone

The Differences Between A Stromboli vs Calzone

difference in stromboli and calzone

A stromboli and a calzone are not the same thing. Please, I beg you, trust me. I tell that to people quite frequently (because I am the type of.

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Tuscan Pizza will be closing at 4pm on Saturday, Aug. We will reopen Sunday at 12pm, regular hours. A battle between two great Italian foods. Often called a pizza turnover, not to be confused with the always delectable panzerotti, a calzone is very similar to pizza. Calzones first made an appearance in Naples, Italy during the 18th century. While many pizzerias sell calzones the size of a medium pie, they were originally sandwich sized.

Post photos of lip-smacking food or share your recipes. Say it right. Calzone is pronounced as kal-zone and not kal-zoni. As both stromboli and calzone can be made with pizza dough, it can make anyone confuse between the two. And to top it all, the two dishes include same ingredients like the pizza or tomato sauce, different types of meats, peppers, cheese, and many more pizza toppings.

A stromboli and a calzone are not the same thing. Please, I beg you, trust me. I tell that to people quite frequently because I am the type of person who talks about stromboli a lot and no one seems to believe me. I give them a nice explanation as to what stromboli is and what a calzone is. Both calzones and stromboli are pizza derivatives.

There is a lot of confusion about where the line is between stromboli vs calzone. This is because a stromboli and a calzone often have the same or similar ingredients, and they are often cooked in a similar way. But there is a simple way to tell them apart, their shape. Calzones are half-moon shaped, often puffed up, basically a pizza folded over and sealed up. How about the sauce? So is that it? The only difference is the shape?

Difference Between a Stromboli and a Calzone

The first is Mozzarella. It is a blend of 3 different cheeses wrapped with any toppings of choice in a pizza dough., Calzones and stromboli are both staples of Italian cuisine—at least in the United States. Although the words are often used interchangeably, a calzone cal-zone-eh and a stromboli strom-bowl-e are two very, very different things.

The Stromboli vs. the Calzone

Stromboli and calzones can both be found in a pizza restaurant, and both are made with pizza fixings, as the two recipes include dough and cheese. The big differences between them are the shape and the sauce placement. While calzones are baked as individual servings, stromboli can be made in one long folded piece of dough and sliced up before plating. The history of the Calzone is a long one. Are calzones Italian? They were developed in Naples, Italy, back in the 18th century.

This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author's own. Even the pronunciation is sometimes questioned: Is it "cal-zone" or "cal-zon-ie? And what makes them so similar that, at times, it's difficult to differentiate? Some say it's all about the tomato sauce. Is the sauce on the inside, outside or on the side? Others say the difference is all about what goes inside.


What’s The Difference? Stromboli vs Calzone





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