Dos and don ts of domestic waste management

Do's & Don'ts

dos and don ts of domestic waste management

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What kind of paper can be recycled, and what can't? Where should you take your old electronics? And can pizza boxes be recycled? Make sure you are recycling correctly with these 12 handy tips from the Domestic CEO. Most people agree that recycling is good for the environment. And when we have a choice between sending something to a landfill or having it recycled in to a new and wonderful product, most of us would likely want to prevent it from clogging a landfill, too.

Royal Ascot is situated adjacent to one of the core botanical sites in Cape Town and as such deserves the highest degree of consideration and environmental protection. Royal Ascot is also close to Rietvlei Wetland Reserve which is one of the more important coastal wetland systems and bird habitats in South Africa. These guidelines provides some basic information to assist residents at Royal Ascot to become more environmentally responsible within their living environments. The guidelines are based on the Environmental Management Plan that has been in place since the start of the construction phase of Royal Ascot; with the intention of promoting and encouraging the continuation of this environmental ethic. An Environmental Management Committee has also been in existence since the start of development at Royal Ascot as it was a legal requirement.

Having trouble keeping up with your family's garbage output? Putting a bit more thought into the way you manage your household waste can help you get more organized. With careful planning, you'll be able to save money and have less of an impact on the environment. See Step 1 to find out how to deal with garbage, food scraps, and recyclables. To manage your home waste, start shopping in the bulk-food section of your grocery store so you don't have as much food packaging to dispose of. Also, take reusable cloth bags with you when you go shopping so you're not bringing home lots of plastic bags. You can also start composting some of your food scraps so you're throwing less away, like egg shells, vegetables, and coffee grounds.

There may be opportunities for farmers to make savings in animal feeds, sprays, fertiliser, field crops and produce in store. Waste minimisation should be fundamental to decisions on farm waste management. Savings in energy and water use as well as a reduction in water pollution risks are all possible by adopting a planned system of waste minimisation and audit. A frame-work for cost-effective waste management is set out in the following order of priority:. Only burn waste oil in appliances authorised by SEPA for this purpose. Collect and store waste plastic straight after use and contact an approved plastic recycling scheme if the plastic is deemed no longer useable.

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