The day the dam broke short questions and answers

The Day The Dam Broke (Prose) - Questions Answers - English XII

the day the dam broke short questions and answers

Ans. The title of the Thurber's essay; The Day the Dam Broke" i& quite accurate, The sudden fear, running, weeping, shouting, vacating the houses, shops, movie .

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Post a Comment. One of the humorist James Thurber's most famous stories was inspired by a bizarre incident during the flood in Columbus, Ohio. The backstory…. Indeed, what Thurber described was a widespread panic inspired by someone. Today it is often read in high school English classes, where students are learning about Thurber and humor in literature. Alas, often the lesson stops there, sometimes with tacit or explicit assumption that the tale—and indeed the monumental flood itself—was purely imaginary.

Post a Comment. The Columbus—Ohio, broken dam rumor began, about noon of 12 th March , on High street. The author is not sure, as to how the rumor began. Perhaps, it began thus. Suddenly, somebody began to run. Maybe he was late for an appointment, to meet his wife for which he was very late.

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Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience. FOR a couple of years I have been teaching an essay titled 'The day the dam broke', written by James Thurber, one of the most famous humorous writers of America. In that essay the writer has mentioned an accident. On the basis of that event he chastised the mob psychology and collective behaviour of the people of Ohio City. Panic starts with the running of a newsboy and turns into a fleeing of the whole Ohio City towards the east, which was the safest area of the city.

Post a Comment. He is the humorists of modern times. Most of his writing shows an intense love for humanity and deep understanding of their character, behaviours and feelings. In Colombo's town at Noon, on March 12, , a rumour spread that Dam of Ohio river had been broken. It was a time when business was going on briskly. It was never known how and when the scare began, but within ten minutes every body became and seen running away from town. Giving the reasons of the move, he says, suddenly somebody began to run to the east.

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  2. The Day the Dam Broke Sample Answers Ans. James Thurber relates the broken-dam rumour in his essay 'The Day the Dam Questions from Past Papers.

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