Is it illegal to mix winter and summer tyres

Mixing tires

is it illegal to mix winter and summer tyres

It is not advisable to mix winter or on/off road tyres with normal road tyres. Any Just It is illegal to run a tyre with less than mm of tread round the entire outer .

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Please read and accept the Tire Selector terms of use, link. Should I buy four or two tires? Can I mix brands? What type of tire should I choose? We know these are complicated waters to navigate so we wanted to help by providing a few guidelines. As a general rule, tires should not be mixed on any vehicle unless specified as acceptable by the tire or vehicle manufacturer.

Hi All my front all season tyres on my car are looking somewhat worn, and given its not too far from the winter season, i was thinking of replacing the fronts with winters a little early before swapping the back two. Just switch in pairs on the same axle, and all is fine. Interesting article here. The following 2 users would like to thank marton for this useful post: OBone , robBob. I think you will find that if you have an accident in summer, and your car is fitted with winter tires, you may have a struggle with your insurance company if the police report indicates that. I think you might only have an issue with mixed compounds. The following 2 users would like to thank Ace1 for this useful post: st2lemans , theroz.

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With winter now in full swing roads can be even more hazardous. The ice and snow caused by the freezing temperatures can mean drivers struggle to maintain control of their vehicles and cause accidents. For this reason companies manufacture winter tyres, which are specifically designed to work well in this weather. Standard summer tyres lose their flexibility when the temperature is below seven degrees. This can lead to loss of control and accidents.

Coming home from work today and we have some visitors. Noticed their car parked on the drive and was very impressed to see a winter tyre on the back - they are not the type of people to pro-actively research and fit something that would make their car handle better. Anyhow - did you notice how I said 'a' winter tyre - that's right, they have one winter tyre on the rear axle of a front wheel drive car. I suppose that that is marginally better than having only one winter tyre on the front axle - but only just. So, quick question if there is an MOT test person in the house. I tried to tell them that one winter tyre was dangerous and that all four tyres should match but drew a blank. Would a car fail its MOT with an odd tyre?

To Mix Tires, Or Not To Mix Tires? That Is The Question.

Tested: Winter vs. All-Season vs. Summer Tires on Ice I Tire Rack




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  1. The probably silly idea I had in my head was that, on a FWD car, one could use two "all-season" tyres on the rear of the car, and more specialist rubber on the front depending on the time of year.

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