Which statement best compares a line and a point

Can you help me with this geometry question? multiple choice?

which statement best compares a line and a point

Skew Lines, Perpendicular & Parallel Lines & Planes, Intersecting Lines & Transversals


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which statement best compares a line and point

Trisha drew a pair of line segments starting from a vertex. Which of these statements best compares the pair of line segments with the vertex? Answer A:Line segments have two endpoints and a vertex is a common endpoint where two line segments meet. We are learning about proofs. We drew lines between noncollinear points. Write an expression in.

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Which statement best compares a line and a point?. A line can lie on a plane, whereas a point cannot lie on a plane..


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  1. Jun 20, A line can lie on a plane, whereas a point cannot lie on a plane A point has no dimension and a line has one dimension A line can have line segments on it, whereas a point cannot be on any line segment.

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