The rock makes fun of edge and christian

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the rock makes fun of edge and christian

Unforgiven () was the third Unforgiven professional wrestling pay-per-view ( PPV) event The Rock defended the title against Chris Benoit, The Undertaker, and Kane. The following night on Raw is War, Edge and Christian mocked Hardy Boyz and Dudley Boyz by bringing out four midgets portraying the Hardyz and.


Chaz vs Viscera, apparently due to the recent allegations of Marianna the referee allows Viscera to dominate the match and take the win with a fast count. Godfather defeats Gangrel by disqualification. At Rebellion in England, Bulldog accidentally hurts Stephanie causing her to have some form of amnesia. Apparently she doesn't know Test right now. Bulldog says there are too many women in the WWF, and they don't belong here. Chyna challenges him to a match later.

Benoit originally won the match by pinning Undertaker but since Undertaker's foot was on the rope and the referee did not notice it, the match was restarted and Rock pinned Benoit after a Rock Bottom to retain the title. Unforgiven featured professional wrestling matches that involved different wrestlers from pre-existing feuds, plots , and storylines that were played out on Raw is War and SmackDown! Wrestlers portrayed a villain or a hero as they followed a series of events that built tension, and culminated in a wrestling match or series of matches. However, due to earning the victory by disqualification, Undertaker was not made the number one contender. Benoit was disqualified again for hitting Kane with a chair and the position of the number one contender remained vacant. Another predominant rivalry heading into the event was between Triple H and Kurt Angle. Later that night, Triple H was arrested by police officers before his scheduled match against Guerrero and Angle.

Over the past week, my articles have been emotional and anger-motivated. I believe we always must take time and enjoy some of the things the WWE presents us. Giving me the idea for this slideshow. The opportunity was just too good to pass up. Taking some of the attention off of Brock Lesnar and John Cena. Just to name a few. Some of these segments are meant to remind of us of the good times WWE brought us.

Well The Rock was weeks away from his last encounter with Stone Cold Steve giving Lita a win over Michelle only for Cena to make the save and cut this It's so funny because everything Edge was saying was true. Edge and Christian.
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Edge, however, announced his retirement from professional wrestling due to neck injury on the April 11 episode of Monday Night Raw , which would ultimately end their final run together. In addition to their seven reigns as WWF Tag Team Champions, they each won singles titles during their run as a tag team. The pair primarily used the ring names of Sexton Hardcastle and Christian Cage, respectively. He was a mysterious "loner" character , who would emerge from the crowd before his matches. After some confrontations between the two gothic brothers, Edge was convinced to 'come home' with Christian and Gangrel, and the three of them formed a stable known as " The Brood ". From there, the gothic storyline enjoyed limited success, beginning their eventual tag team feud with The Hardy Boyz Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy , who also briefly formed a new Brood with Gangrel before turning on him as well. The tag team feud with the Hardy Boyz intensified as Gangrel became Matt and Jeff's new manager, combining to form "The New Brood", in the summer of

FULL-LENGTH MATCH - SmackD- The Rock vs. Edge and Christian

WWE Retro Review: Judgment Day 2000 (The Rock vs. HHH in an Iron Man Match)

Malenko inadvertently hits Saturn and ends up alone in the ring. Guerrero tries to get involved but Chyna yanks him off the ring apron, then Jericho flattens Malenko at ringside and they fight back toward the locker room. Benoit pulls Scotty out of the ring and Guerrero distracts the referee allowing Saturn to steal the win with an assist from Benoit. Rock arrives backstage and nails Mideon with little provocation. Light Heavyweight Championship Match: Jeff Hardy with brother Matt vs Essa Rios with Lita, after a multitude of acrobatic maneuvers from both men Lita continued her habit of mimicking Essa and nailed Jeff, but he recovers. Later, Lita distracts the referee and Matt drops Rios.

Cut immediately to DX and Vince hanging out, eating grapes, and we have our first X-Pac sighting of the night as I shudder. That was an awesome concept until the WWF did what it always does—take a good idea that fans like and pound it into the ground over and over and over and over and over again until they get sick of it, eventually turning on it See: Austin vs. Evil Authority Figure. Heartbreak Kid indeed. But, never fear, Kurt promises to stick to his abstinence stance. He was a little shaky on the mic, but the potential was definitely there.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. His five-second poses with Christian and later, Kurt Angle in Edge : For the benefit of those with flash photography

WWF The Rock and Chris jericho makes fun of Booker T and Stephanie 2001 HD

The second airing with Triple H brought up his past with Chyna. This led to her firing back in an interview with Vince Russo. Heyman and Austin began cutting promos on each other to hypothetically set up an Austin vs. Brock Lesnar match at WrestleMania However, both men would deny this days later.


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  1. Edge and Christian (E&C) are a tag team made of real life best friends Edge ( Adam Copeland) At In Your House: Rock Bottom, the Brood defeated The J.O.B. Squad (Al Snow, Bob Holly and Scorpio). . on television for the first time since Christian's return, with Christian criticizing Edge for not being "fun" anymore . On the.

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