How to parallel park a dump truck and trailer

Hints & Tricks to help with parallel parking & alley docking

how to parallel park a dump truck and trailer

Then start cutting the wheel to the left hanging you head out the window and just walk the trailer into the hole. Parallel park on the blind side.

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Ya know Studpuppy, there is just no hard and fast rules or easy formulas when it comes to backing maneuvers. I gave you some tips and pointers the other day on the blind side parallel maneuver, but that's just the way I do it. I bet if you asked ten different drivers you'd get ten different answers. Those types of skills either come naturally or are developed over time through repetition. The brain begins to get a grip on how the trailer responds to your efforts at the steering wheel, and the repetitious act of doing this thing over and over starts to trigger the correct cognitive and muscular responses.

Many students struggle with learning the backing maneuvers to take their CDL exam. To complicate things, with no prescribed method to follow, it becomes a hunt and peck search for getting the big rig into the box. Many instructors teach a "formula," as mine did. Is it an exact thing that automatically puts the rig into the box precisely the same way every time? Of course not.

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Parallel parking is one of the toughest parts of driving a tractor trailer. Even so, when you choose to parallel park it is often the only option to get your vehicle out of the road. It is also part of many state's test for a commercial drivers license CDL so it is something that all CDL drivers need to learn. When parallel parking your tractor trailer you can use a series of motions to make sure you get into the space safely and correctly. Place the six cones in a rectangle pattern with three cones marking the front line and three cones marking the rear line. They should be longer than the rig you are parking so you can fit. Align the rear of the tractor trailer with the left side of the front line of cones.


How To Parallel Park

How To Blindside Parallel Park a Tractor Trailer


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  1. Oct 13, I just practiced parallel parking today, and I didn't do all that well. What makes it so bad, is that I was in a short, 6-wheeler dumptruck, one that turns Left 1 turn of the wheel once the trailer tires reach the front of the spot.

  2. Parallel parking sure is tough - Trucker Forum - Trucking & Driving Forums - Class A Drivers

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