The grapes of wrath study guide questions and answers

The Grapes of Wrath Study Guide, Key, and Test

the grapes of wrath study guide questions and answers

The Grapes of Wrath - Plot - 60second Recap®

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Half of the chapters in The Grapes of Wrath focus on the dramatic westward journey of the Joad family, while the others possess a broader scope, providing a more general picture of the migration of thousands of Dust Bowl farmers. Discuss this structure. Why might Steinbeck have chosen it? How do the two kinds of chapters reinforce each other? The long narrative chapters that trace their journey provide a personal context for understanding the more abstract social, historical, and symbolic musings of the shorter alternating chapters. Despite their sometimes preachy tone, these alternating chapters play an important role in the structure of the novel. Most notably, they extend the saga of migrant farmers beyond a single family, reminding the reader that the hardships faced by the Joads were widespread, afflicting tens of thousands of families in the Dust Bowl.

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The family does not have enough money to pay for a burial and still make it to California. Tom Joad spent four years in prison for committing what crime? Fraud B. Arson C. Manslaughter D. A chicken B. A coyote C.

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The Grapes of Wrath Study Guide Final Exam

History Brief: The Grapes of Wrath

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