Friskys wildlife and primate sanctuary

Pennies for Frisky’s Wildlife & Primate Sanctuary

friskys wildlife and primate sanctuary


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Important Notice Frisky's accepts injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife between Frisky's is on Facebook. Donate online! Frisky's can now accept donations on our website by using PayPal! Click here or on the graphic above to select Frisky's Wildlife and Primate Sanctuary as your Charity. They will take care of everything from there. Vehicles can be donated from ANY location, not just Maryland.

Dear friends of Friskys. Getting in lots of little bunnies and baby squirrels. While we get bunnies during all the warm months, squirrels are only born in the spring and then again later in the summer. So keep an eye out if you do any tree maintenance! As always thank you to everyone who has donated, we couldn't be here without your help! Its been a busy week here at Frisky's, keeping everyone cool, watered, and happy in this heat has been a task.

On-Line Sales Director. Would require that you have your own transportation to take items to post office. We depend on generous donations that go towards the feeding, care, medicines, and vet bills of all of our animals. We need someone to take charge of organizing and managing fundraisers. Creativity is a plus. Maintaining documentation, entering data, and updating the mailing list. Caring for our rabbits and their enclosures and seeing that they get proper "room service".

Frisky's Wildlife & Primate Sanctuary, Inc

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Friskys Wildlife Primate Sanctuary Inc.

Colleen works full-time and then some taking care of the animals. Scott, besides working a full-time job, keeps the facilities in working condition and maintains the grounds of their 5-acre property, as well as donates his paychecks to the Sanctuary. Colleen takes care of three types of animals:. Why are the primates at Frisky's? Many of the primates come to Frisky's because they have either become too aggressive to handle, or their owner is unable to continue caring for them, due to illness or other reasons. Also, many infant primates come to Frisky's because their mothers either reject them or for some other reason, cannot care for them properly. Frisky's is inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture USDA and the Federal Fish and Wildlife Department, which ensures that the facilities are clean and well maintained and that the animals receive proper care.

Please Help Us Help the Animals!! We can't tell you what it means to us that you care. As most of you know Frisky's does not receive funding from any county, state or federal agency. We rely solely on donations from private parties. Some of you may not know that Frisky's is run totally by volunteers. Every penny that is donated goes directly to the animals. Like every other Non Profit, we don't like to always have our hand out, but that it how it seems to be for all of us.

This summer while walking my dog, I came across a mama opossum who had been hit by a car. I knew she was a mama because when I looked closer, I discovered a little squiggling baby on the ground and a few others who were still. The temperature was well over 90 degrees, and I knew that if there were more babies that the heat would soon not be bearable for them. I quickly decided to rescue them. Pulling from a bit of knowledge stored deep in my brain, I reached inside the pouch of the mother and extracted eight little pink babies. The knowledge of what I did at that moment remained in my thoughts for days later.

Please Help Us Help the Animals!! To see how Frisky's donations are being.
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  1. Welcome to Frisky's Wildlife and Primate Sanctuary, Inc. on-line! We take in injured, orphaned, abandoned, or displaced wildlife. If you find an injured animal .

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