How to cream butter and sugar by hand

Creaming Butter and Sugar Without a Mixer

how to cream butter and sugar by hand

How to Cream Butter and Sugar - Food Network


For many new bakers and a few veterans, too, cakes are some of the first baked goods we make on our own. We may start with a mix, but then when we realize how easy a cake can be, we branch out to from-scratch cakes and encounter a deceptively simple direction right off the bat. In creaming the butter and sugar together, you are using the sugar to aerate the butter and fill it with bubbles that can capture the gasses released by your leavener. The more fine bubbles you have in your network, the lighter in texture your cakes will be and the finer the crumb. This is true for your muffins as well, while it makes your cookies light and crisp instead of hard and dense.

Creaming does more than just combine the two ingredients. As sugar is rapidly mixed into fat, it creates millions of tiny air pockets that expand in the heat of the oven, giving baked goods lift. Skip the creaming step and your cakes and cookies may turn out squat and dense. Our search for an easier way led us to an unlikely product: whipped butter. We selected two recipes—one cookie and one cake—that started with a creaming step and made each according to the recipe using a stand mixer. Then we made each by hand, substituting an 8-ounce tub of whipped unsalted butter for the two sticks each recipe called for.

Kitchen appliances help us a lot with cooking and baking. But what happens if one of them breaks down? For instance, learn how to cream butter and sugar without a mixer, using your own two hands. I love that feeling of satisfaction when I have made something with my own two hands. One of the easiest ways to do that for me is in the kitchen. A lot of the times, cooking is a way of relaxing and maybe even exercise.

If you're a baker, you've come across the phrase "cream the butter" in many a cake and cookie recipe. You no doubt know it has nothing to do with cream the stuff that floats on top of milk and that it means beating your butter to a creamy, fluffy consistency. Sugar is also an essential part of the creaming process. Some recipes call for creaming butter with sugar, while others tell you to cream your butter before mixing in sugar. Creaming butter isn't complicated but you may have some questions about this super important baking technique.

Many delicious dessert recipes ask us to cream together butter and sugar, without actually describing the steps. Some people describe it as a "fine art", which I think is over stating things just a bit. Creaming simply means mixing your butter and sugar s together until well blended, leaving you with a fluffy light yellow mix. Just do not over mix! Butter and sugars are over-mixed when the butter begins to separate. The reason we 'cream' butter and sugar s together is to create little air pockets in our dough.


How to Cream Butter Like a Pro for Perfect Cookies and Cakes

How to Cream Butter and Sugar - 60 second video - Recipes by Warren Nash

How to cream butter by hand






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