How to install safety first cabinet and drawer latches

Babyproofing: How to install safety latches on cupboards

how to install safety first cabinet and drawer latches

Safety 1st Adhesive Cabinet & Drawer Latches - Ray Hayden, J.D.

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Baby proofing your home is essential if you have children living with you. The house itself can be dangerous, because of the stairs, the doors, the windows, but it also contain dangerous items, toxic cleaning product, and heavy furniture which are a threat to your kid. By installing the following essential childproofing product, you'll create a safe home for your family. In my experience, a baby gate is the essential childproofing product you could get. Especially if you live in a house with multiple rooms and stairs.

Babies go everywhere. Buying cabinet locks and latches will not only help keep your child from cabinets he is not supposed to access, but it will give you peace of mind that he is not up to anything that can potentially cause him harm. Latches automatically lock the drawer or cabinet when it is closed, and they are usually attached to the inside of the drawers using screws. A lock, on the other hand, will attach to the knobs or handles and keep the cabinet or drawer locked at all times. This should start as early as 5 6 months.

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They install easily inside of cabinets and drawers, making them invisible to visitors passing through the area. The wide, easy-grip surface allows for easy parental access when needed. With this 14 pack, you'll be able to secure multiple cabinets and drawers within your home. Even in lab testing using state of the art mechanical pull force equipment, Safety 1st outperformed the competition. Toddler Tested. Proven Stronger.

Cabinet & Drawer Latch (14pk) - INSTRUCTIONS - 48390

Child Safety Locks and Latches

How to Install Safety 1st Spring Loaded Cabinet & Drawer Latches

Thank you for posting this! Was nervous about it until I read your post. You can absolutely do it! Marking with a pencil is super helpful, and that slide feature it a butt-saver. Let me know if you have issues! Thank you!

A few weeks ago I posted a list of 10 often missed babyproofing tasks.,



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  2. These latches help keep your child from accessing the contents of cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom, or other rooms in the home.

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