Katelyn nacon and chandler riggs

'The Walking Dead's' Katelyn Nacon hints we'll finally get to see Carl's letter to Enid

katelyn nacon and chandler riggs

The Walking Dead's loss of Carl Grimes and Chandler Riggs was especially difficult for Enid actress Katelyn Nacon. Speaking to thaipoliceplus.com in promotion of The Walking Dead Season Eight's blu-ray release on August 21, Nacon opened up about the most tragic loss of the recent.

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During a rapid-fire series of questions at a New Jersey Walker Stalker Con panel with her old co-star Riggs, Nacon was asked to choose between her first love, Carl, or new flame, Alden. The answer received a lot of cheers and applause from the crowd. Nacon explained her choice, and it wasn't just because Riggs was sitting right beside her. Enid and Carl were just two teens trying to make sense of the apocalypse. Nacon noted that Carl also helped her through a lot to cope with the death of her parents and moving on.

Enid has kind of always been lost and searching for another father figure. She had that in Glenn. To find someone like Aaron who is so level headed and somebody she can actually look up to, he means a lot to her. It was a cool and impactful scene. It is really cool to see. Chandler also talked a little bit about how he feels of the Walking Dead movies that are coming to fruition.

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Tickets are now on sale! Click here to purchase. Katelyn portrays the quiet and mysterious teenager Enid, whom Carl played by Chandler Riggs meets shortly after arrival in the safe zone of Alexandria. Katelyn has always been drawn to performing, from ballet at the age of three to performing in hometown and Metro Atlanta musicals such as Annie, The Music Man, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Hairspray. In her middle school years, Katelyn's interest was piqued in acting while attending a local workshop and by the age of 13, Katelyn had decided that she wanted to make acting her career. She began attending metro Atlanta and Los Angeles classes, camps and workshops where she had the opportunity to work with industry experts to cultivate her acting talents and raw desire to perform into an absolute passion.

A lot of Walking Dead fans are concerned right now that Chandler Riggs - and his character Carl - could be on his way out of the show. But Chandler's mother has provided a response to all of the rumours. In case you missed it, Chandler's father William Riggs wrote in a Facebook post : "7 year contract completed! When a fan on the Instagram of the actor's mother theorised that AMC could cast a replacement for Carl if there's a sizeable time jump, she jumped in to correct the theory. That's all he was saying, nothing else. Chandler has also been accepted into Auburn College and will start next year, but that isn't really any cause for concern because the institution is based in Alabama, which isn't far off from The Walking Dead 's filming location of Atlanta. Something else we do know is that Carl is likely to be featured heavily in episode 7 , 'Sing Me a Song'.

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