Sanjay from sanjay and craig

Sanjay Patel

sanjay from sanjay and craig

Animated Atrocities #43: "Fart Baby" [Sanjay and Craig]

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On top of this, I have non-animated TV shows to keep up with. Plus a job, a family life and other trivialities like that. But certainly, my cartoons dance card is looking pretty full. I suppose I could just cut out exercise. It has that cool, anarchic feel those shows had.

Sanjay Patel is the main protagonist of the Nickelodeon television show Sanjay and Craig. As a twelve-year old, Sanjay is a very curious boy who is ready to face any challenges and difficulties that life has ahead for him. Though Sanjay may not understand the penalty of some of the situations Craig and him face, he will always find a way to fix the situation at hand. As the theme song states, Sanjay was searching for a pet at the local pet store. In the store, he finds a talking snake named Craig , and they immediately become best friends.

The series officially began production in late and first aired on Nickelodeon on May 25, The series was renewed for a second season on September 12, that began airing on July 12, , [2] and for a third season on June 11, that premiered on September 7, The series ended on July 29, with the half-hour special episode "Booyah for Bollywood", having aired three seasons and 60 episodes. The series follows Sanjay and Craig as they have comedic adventures around the town of Lundgren, often involving their friends Megan and Hector. Howell said that the idea began with a comic he and Dirschberger had made: the main character was a snake charmer named Sanjay and Craig was his "really crude roommate buddy who's a talking snake".

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The main protagonist of the show. He's a year-old Indian-American boy who lives with his parents and his anthropomorphic pet snake. - Noodman's past is pretty foggy.

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