The old man and the lisa

The Old Man and the Lisa

the old man and the lisa

"The Old Man and the Lisa" is the twenty-first episode of The Simpsons' eighth season. It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on April 20,


Burns the meaning of the word recycling. Things start off with Lisa waking everyone in the house up by rummaging through the trash to find recyclables. Burns gives the kids a lecture about becoming a success in business, and how you need to slay the three demons of family, religion, and friendship in order to succeed. And when it becomes time for questions from the audience, Lisa hits Burns with a curveball, and asks about recycling at the Plant. Lisa is a little put off by this, but then asks about Burns and his dwindling wealth, which makes Smithers finally admit that his net worth has been falling for some time, causing Burns to leave the meeting in a panic. He calls his yes-men and financial guys together, and they find that his stock portfolio is doing really poorly, since he still owns stocks in slavery companies.

Montgomery Burns. Burns, the character we know. At first, the magnate of atom smashing and the ardent do-gooder are on opposite sides. Lisa teaches him both the word and the concept of conserving natural resources, spurring Mr. Burns to righteous indignation.

Burns loses his vast fortune and turns to Lisa for help in getting it back through environmental means. Lisa one morning is working on getting recycling as part of a project for school, with the planned result being going to Albany for a field trip. To celebrate the occasion, Principal Skinner has Mr. Burns give a speech on how to become successful at a business. Lisa asks him what he thinks of recycling, although he clearly isn't familiar with it until she defines it. He then expresses disgust at the idea of Mother Nature needing their help, and implies that his wealth is in the two hundred million mark and thus doesn't need to help her, until Lisa corrects him and states its actually closer to the one hundred million mark per his autobiography which was the one written in Blood Feud and was implied to have been ghost-written by Smithers.

"The Old Man and the Lisa" is the twenty-first episode of Season 8. Mr. Burns loses his vast fortune and turns to Lisa for help in getting it back through.
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While Lisa implements a recycling program, Mr. Burns' wrath and now must live like a common man. With Lisa's help, Mr. Burns devises a plan to regain his fortune. Community Showcase More.

Principal Skinner and Lisa are recycling to get enough money for a field trip, and during a reunion among the recycling group the "Junior Achievers Club" , Mr. Burns speaks to the kids about economies. Mr Burns then decides to check his savings and to do some investments, which are not as good as he thinks, but his lawyers don't want to confront him. After Mr. Burns' investments make him bankrupt, he realizes his lawyers were afraid of telling him he was making bad decisions. Since Mr. Burns lost all of his money, the bank forecloses on the plant and sells Mr.

S08 E21 The Old Man and the Lisa

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