Love and other drugs nude scene

Love and Other Drugs: Director Ed Zwick on How to Shoot a Sex Scene

love and other drugs nude scene

Anne Hathaway leaves virtually nothing to the imagination in nude scenes in her new movie “Love & Other Drugs,” according to newly released movie stills and a clip from the film. Gyllenhaal, 29, and Hathaway, 28, will appear in the nude for about 65 percent of their time on-screen.

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Jake Gyllenhaal has revealed that he filmed several nude scenes for his new film Love And Other Drugs. Speaking to Esquire UK , Gyllenhaal admitted that he was surprised by how often he had to strip down for director Edward Zwick's latest drama. A director's cut? I don't even know how that would be rated. The actor also opened up about filming with co-star Anne Hathaway and suggested that staying in tune with one another was important in making sure that their love scenes will appear realistic. Gyllenhaal explained: "We talked about what we thought was sexy, about what were the things that interested us, and through the discussion became pretty intimate with each other

Anne Hathaway has revealed that she would repeatedly exercise before filming sex scenes in Love and Other Drugs. The actress, who stars opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in the upcoming release, said that she would perform sit-ups and push-ups to prepare for being nude on set. She explained to The Daily Telegraph : "I would go into my trailer and a make-up artist would put body make-up on me and then - girls will relate to this - I would compulsively do sit-ups and push-ups until they needed me on set. Hathaway added: "But then we would do the sex scenes and afterwards we would just be Jake and Annie chilling out. It was very innocent.

Best Female Celebrity Nude Scenes # Anne Hathaway (Love And Other Drugs) (Re-edited and re-uploaded to avoid age-restrictions) Watch.
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She plays Maggie, a something with Parkinson's disease. But that's not what makes the role so flashy. It's the flashing. Hathaway goes to a place that few actresses dare to visit anymore: the bedroom. Whoever said that sex sells must not watch movies.

Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal strip to promote Love & Other Drugs

After many complications, Jamie learns to tame his wild ways and convinces Maggie that he will always be by her side, even if he someday has to carry her everywhere she goes. While there are plot holes, such as the film not offering an explanation of how an artist like Maggie is able to afford a huge loft or has wads of cash at the ready for her medication, its dialogue is funny and its plot zips masterfully through the unique milieu of pharmaceutical sales.

Hathaway 'did sit-ups before sex scenes'

The invitation to meet Cosmo's crush 1, Jake Gyllenhaal and the equally enchanting actress Anne Hathaway was a fantasy realised but when the time came they managed to live up to our expectations; both charismatic, charming and impossibly eye-pleasing. Are they intentionally trying to shake up the usually fluffy romcom formula? While there are plenty of laughs it's the real-life issues the film addresses that makes their performances memorable. Anne plays Maggie, a talented artist suffering from the degenerative disorder Parkinson's, whilst Jake's Jamie is a charming, though morally wayward drug rep for Viagra which he trials himself in the flick, with humorous effect. So was there any method acting involved? But seriously - did research lead the heartthrob to try Viagra?!


Log in with Facebook Log in with Twitter. Log In. Anne didn't find performing nude particularly brave since she had so much fun making the film. Also: ' Hours,' 'Burlesque' and more. If it had been any other actor of filmmaker I was working with, I might not have been as comfortable being shot without any clothes on. Warner Archive. Latest News Top News.

The stars of 'Love and Other Drugs' talk about stripping away their inhibitions -- and clothes -- for director Ed Zwick's sweet, sexy romance. I want everybody to know that Anne Hathaway thinks Beetlejuice is the most romantic movie. In the R-rated film out Nov. Entertainment Weekly: When you first read this script, were you at all scared to take it on? Jake Gyllenhaal: I immediately fell in love from the first 10 pages, and by the end I was weeping. It felt like this weird sense of fate.

LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS follows the intense affair between a ladies man and a nudity in several other scenes, including waking up with two naked women.
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