I want to learn more about the bible and god

3 Simple Steps for Studying the Bible

i want to learn more about the bible and god

The Divine Word of God deserves respect and ought to be understood and practiced. Bible study should be approached with a prayerful desire to learn. . others who may have more experience reading and studying the Bible than you do.

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Ready to learn how to study the Bible for yourself? This 6-step method makes independent Bible study easy AND interesting! Is it possible to attend church for years and still not understand what the Bible teaches? What if you attended Sunday School, youth group or Bible studies for years? What if you grew up in a Christian home, read Christian books or had a ton of Christian friends? Can you surround yourself with Christian friends and still be completely wrong when it comes to some of the core doctrines of what Christians believe? A lifelong Christian who attended church pretty much any time the doors were opened, I thought I had Christianity more or less figured out.

With an account at Joyce Meyer Ministries, you can save your "likes" for future reference. For more than 40 years now I have been studying the Bible, and it has drastically changed my life. The Bible is no ordinary book. The words within its pages are like medicine to your soul. It has the power to change your life because there is life in the Word!

Because ethnicity is part of the good of creation, we seek to honor and celebrate the ethnic identity of those with whom we serve as well as those we seek to reach. In the 8th grade, my friend dragged me to a meeting about the high-school swim team. I remember being slightly interested, but the coach assured us that if we were willing, we could learn competitive swimming. So I signed up. I showed up for the first day of practice without a swim cap or a pair of goggles.

Show less It is important to thoroughly read the Bible, but simply reading the Bible is not the same as studying. The Divine Word of God deserves respect and ought to be understood and practiced. The Bible is one of the most misinterpreted books ever written, and most people can find it very hard to understand. The Bible records a long time of history including many cultures and ages, as well as relating and correlating to any modern era; it is translated from the original manuscripts in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic by reputable scholars.

This method is just one to consider. If you need help getting started, this particular method is great for beginners but can be geared toward any level of study. As you become more comfortable studying God's Word, you will begin to develop your own techniques and discover favorite resources that will make your study very personal and meaningful. You've taken the biggest step by getting started. With this method, you will study an entire book of the Bible. If you've never done this before, start with a small book, preferably from the New Testament.

Begin by developing a plan on how you will approach reading through the Bible. Unlike most books, you will probably not read it straight through from cover to cover. There are many good Bible reading plans available. Here is one John recommends:. If you want to try that, begin with a short book, such as 1 John, and read it through in one sitting every day for thirty days. At the end of that time, you will know the book. Write on index cards the major theme of each chapter.

5 Reasons Why We Should Study God's Word

6 Simple Steps to Get Started Studying the Bible

10 Things You Should Know about Studying the Bible

This article is part of the 10 Things You Should Know series. We want to hear him. We want to slow down and carefully, thoughtfully, and reverently hear what he has to say to us. How valuable are these words? Two of the greatest pleasures our world pursues—money and food—and the Bible satisfies us more than both.







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