Peter pan and wendy fanfiction

Peter Pan Fanfiction

peter pan and wendy fanfiction

When Wendy's thimble stirs confusing feelings in Peter Pan, he finds himself facing an entirely unfamiliar way of relating not only to Wendy, but.


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This is the first story I publish, so I would appreciatte comments! The story takes place at the end of the version of the Peter Pan movie. It's been 1 month exactly since Wendy and the boys have returned from Neverland, and things have not been going well. Wendy is depressed. Seriously depressed. She doesn't eat much, spends a lot of time alone, and has red, puffy eyes since she spends so much time crying.

Peter Pan/Wendy Darling

Its been one month since Wendy returned to London, and she and Peter are seriously depressed. After being convinced by Tink, Peter visits.
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  1. Author's Note: I'm going to be ultra-cautious here, because I want to make sure that no one is surprised by this story's content.

  2. WARNING: The following stories are of a Peter and Wendy love type nature. This time, Peter Pan finds himself in a world he can't control, chasing after a.

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