Cortney and antonio 90 day fiance

Are Cortney and Antonio From 90-Day Fiance Still Together?

cortney and antonio 90 day fiance

Apr 26, Not every 90 Day Fiance love story actually starts within the key 90 day Cortney flew to Spain to meet model Antonio after they met online.

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In typical TLC fashion, they can't just have the mediocrity of life running rampant on their show, and god forbid someone actually learn something on the learning channel. Don't worry about sorting them all out, though, leave that to us. You mean we're insinuating that a Russian cam girl turned mail order bride could possibly be using an American man-child that's at least two weight classes up from her to gain citizenship? Why yes, that's exactly what we're saying. It's easy to watch a single episode featuring Jorge and Anfisa and realize that there isn't much to their relationship aside from expensive gifts and Jorge essentially being Anfisa's personal punching bag.

Did Courtney find happily ever after with the Spanish model Antonio? Cortney, a 26 year old Florida native and world traveler met year old Spanish model Antonio online. They struck up a flirtation via text message and agreed to meet in person. Cortney packed up and headed to Spain to see if true love was in the air. New Details On Christina Evangeline. Cortney is in the enviable position of having saved enough to leave her day job and travel almost full-time.

The TLC reality show follows couples before they're ready to pop the question and start the K-1 visa process. Usually, the American travels abroad to meet the foreigner and see if they're actually compatible. Drama then ensues. It's just been two seasons of this spinoff, but there are some success stories—and some couples who have taken part in both seasons. Season 4 Couples.

Cortney Reardanz

She went to see him and stay in his very little apartment. These two couldn't get along as he wanted her to sleep in his little bed with him right away. Things didn't end up working out between them and it turns out that Cortney now has a new man in her life. It sounds like she has found someone that things are going great with even though she teases that he is a "sugar daddy. Cortney seems pretty happy with the new guy in her life.


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