Log cabin and hard cider

The Election of 1840

log cabin and hard cider

Whigs, eager to deliver what the public wanted, took advantage of this and declared that Harrison was "the log cabin and hard cider candidate," a man of the .

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It will be hard to forget the election of No one can blame you for wanting a drink after an endless cycle of election scandals and outrage. His campaign for office, however, was another campaign that made people want to drink — although in a much different way. Harrison had an impressive resume going into the election of He attended college, served in the military and had experience in public office.

Hard Cider and Log Cabins. The election of is widely regarded as the first modern campaign for the U. S. presidency. As in earlier elections.
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William Henry Harrison began to spend time with others in his region who had been dealt out of the Jackson regime. Opposition to the powerful, popular Jackson ran so strong in some sectors that they had formed their own party, called the Whigs. Observing Andrew Jackson's war hero popularity and political success, the Whigs reasoned that it would take another war hero to oppose Martin Van Buren, Jackson's chosen successor in Harrison was chosen as a Whig candidate, but not the only one. In an attempt to deny Van Buren an expected victory in the electoral college, the Whigs actually ran three regional candidates, including Harrison in the West. Although the strategy didn't work, Harrison did make a good showing, coming in second and carrying nine states out of twenty-six in the Union. His moderate success and promise demonstrated to the Whigs that he was the candidate to support in to unseat Van Buren.

Log Cabin and Hard Cider

1840 United States presidential election

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The Whig Party's campaign in the United States in for William Henry Harrison can be called the first great political marketing campaign that mythologized a candidate. The campaign, called "The Log Cabin Campaign," targeted the so-called "common man"—previously a main source of support for Andrew Jackson and his successor, Martin Van Buren and the Democrats. Some of the Whig rallies, with banners unfurled, drew an estimated , people, perhaps attracted by the seemingly endless supplies of hard cider. His background was neither; rather, he was born in a mansion on a Virginia plantation and lived in a fancy house in Indiana when nominated for the presidency. Regardless of the truth, the imagery and the hard cider that was distributed at the gigantic rallies undoubtedly excited voters and boosted the Harrison campaign. This is evident in the voter turnout that increased from 54 percent in to 77 percent in ; the Harrison-Tyler ticket won by a 6 percent margin in the popular vote and claimed 80 percent of the electoral votes. The Democrats were thrown out of power—after holding it for a dozen years—and the Whigs gained their first president.

Martin Van Buren Democratic. William H. Harrison Whig. The United States presidential election was the 14th quadrennial presidential election , held from October 30 to December 2, The election marked the first of two Whig victories in presidential elections. In , the Whigs held a national convention for the first time.

This was how one Democrat reacted to the news that William Henry Harrison would be the Whig candidate for president in It probably cost Martin Van Buren the election. Scion of a prominent family of Virginia planters, his father a signer of the Declaration of Independence, William Henry Harrison had achieved fame as a soldier on the young Republic's western frontier. Entering politics later in life, he was one of three opposition candidates for president in , coming in a respectable second behind Van Buren. By , with the nation in the grips of a depression, Van Buren was vulnerable, and the opposition, now organized as the Whig Party, rallied behind Old Tippecanoe. The campaign that followed was unprecedented, utilizing every available form of propaganda to mobilize voters.

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  1. The United States presidential election was the 14th quadrennial presidential election, . Whigs took advantage of this quip and declared that Harrison was "the log cabin and hard cider candidate", a man of the common people from the.

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