1cm dilated and 50 effaced

What is Cervical Effacement?

1cm dilated and 50 effaced

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Everything is getting so uncomfortable and I constantly think she's falling out. Can someone give me any pointers? The last bit is hard! I ate raspberries which supposedly makes you efface fast and dilate. I really don't think it did anything. I was told sex was the best way to get everything started and some family say it's how they started the labor process and sped things up.

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1cm, 50% effaced, cervix high, and baby is -3.. What does all that mean??

Everything is fine, baby is fine, I am fine, I am not on bed rest and didn't get steroids or anything. - Went and got my first cervical check today.

Effacement. The cervix will efface (shorten) from % of its normal length to 0% during birth. But you can be 50% effaced or more before labor.
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