Red and black bedroom decor

Red and Black Room Decor

red and black bedroom decor

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When it comes to infusing a space with vivacious energy and a touch of romance, few colors come close to red. It is a great way to showcase an architectural feature, give it prominence and elevate a space that is filled with boring neutrals. Yet when it comes to adding this brilliant color to our bedrooms, we often find ourselves hesitant, and fearful that the color will overwhelm the space. Also, many believe that red may disturb the harmony of their serene, personal sanctuary. But for those who dare, red is indeed the perfect choice!

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Put red and black together and it could create a totally contemporary bedroom for a teen. On the other hand, pair a black toile print with pops of red, and you have the makings of a romantic boudoir. Red and black are both powerful colors, so using them in a bedroom can be a challenge. Large doses of black can come across of imposing and depressing. Using dynamic red with a heavy hand can defeat the purpose of a restful room. When taken in smaller doses as secondary or accent colors, red and black can add a sense of sophistication and drama to your sleeping quarters.

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  1. Bold Ideas for Red and Black Bedrooms - Interior Vogue. Using bold colors in the interior design is a fearless choice for many because a gutsy paint color can.

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