Faze censor and yanet garcia

Yanet Garcia hits back at ex-boyfriend Censor’s breakup explanation video

faze censor and yanet garcia

This may sound like a game of #RelationshipGoals Mad Libs, but up until recently, professional Call of Duty player Doug "FaZe" Censor and the “World’s Sexiest Weathergirl” Yanet Garcia were a couple. Now, in an unfortunately heartbreaking twist of events, Doug "FaZe Censor" Martin.

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The former pro-gamer who infamously ended his relationship with Yanet Garcia —aka the world's sexiest weather girl—says there's more to the story. Douglas "FaZe Censor" Martin initially claimed that he and the former Maxim Mexico cover model parted ways because he wanted to focus solely on honing his Call of Duty skills. Left: Maxim Mexico, Right: Instagram. Everything started to turn when I mentioned to her how much money could be made on YouTube and being a YouTuber," Martin said in new video. He said he didn't "feel comfortable with it" even though she was driving traffic to his channel. Martin also claimed that the couple came to an agreement in which he would pay for her bills and English classes while they lived in New York City, and they would quit producing profitable content together on social media. But the "one thing" that put the nail in the coffin of their romance came when Martin asked to film himself giving Garcia a new car.

Nobody really respected YouTube as a profession as they do now. So, when she understood how much money I was making on YouTube, she wanted to get a percentage of the videos I was making. However, he also claims that he was already paying her bills and supporting her financially. Martin already has over 2. Sign in.

It's actually crazy we've been together for this long and that's the first time she really has been seen somewhere on my videos.
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Her response, which she posted in a series of photos to Instagram, revealed that she had worked hard to become financially independent, and claimed that she did not rely on anyone to help build her now-blossoming career. She likewise claimed that Censor had wanted to monetize their love by vlogging their relationship, as Censor mentioned in his video explaining their breakup. Censor has garnered ample criticism for his breakup with Yanet, which he originally claimed was to pursue competitive Call of Duty. Censor has since retired from competitive gaming to pursue full-time content creation. Virginia Glaze. View this post on Instagram. Read more about:.

Pretty much no one with eyeballs really understood when pro gamer Doug "FaZe Censor" Martin decided he wanted to break up with Yanet Garcia. Even in Mexico, where it's not unusual for an attractive young woman to give the weather forecasts, Garcia was considered the hottest of the hot. To any guy, much less dudes who ever felt left out because women might look down on a gamer, Martin looked like the luckiest man on the planet. Martin has defended his decision more than once, at one point saying it wasn't about his signature game, Call of Duty , at all. She was a gold digger, according to him : "When she understood how much money I was making on YouTube, she wanted to get a percentage of [revenue from] the videos I was making. But even many months later, he's still apparently clarifying his thinking. Most recently, Martin did that in a series of tweets in which he didn't mention Garcia directly, but she was clearly on his mind.

Pro Gamer FaZe Censor Breaks Up With Yanet Garcia To Focus On ‘Call Of Duty’ Career




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