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bedford county fire and rescue

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The federal lawsuit alleges that there is a culture of sexual abuse inside the Bedford County Fire and Rescue department. The lawsuit alleges that Hawkins assaulted Doe last year in a county-owned fire station during a training session. Hawkins was sentenced to three years in prison in May for his actions with Doe and another minor, but the lawsuit alleges that the county acted with "deliberate indifference" in hiring Hawkins in the first place. In , Hawkins was found guilty on felony charges- including abduction and use of a firearm. The lawsuit alleges that the county was aware of his criminal background, but claims Chief Jack Jones "did not read the criminal history report even though it was available. Doe's attorneys add that Hawkins was later promoted and, "assigned to conduct ride-along training of underage female volunteer trainee EMTs. Attorneys representing Doe said that the investigation report revealed more details about a history of sexual abuse, alleging that the county was aware of and allowed a "culture of sexual harassment" through lack of discipline, actively recruiting minors and not having a procedure for the underage female volunteer trainee EMTs to report sexual harassment.

Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. The Bedford Fire Department is committed to preserving life and property through rapid emergency response, public education, organizational preparedness, and planning. The Bedford Fire Department serves an estimated population of 22, within the 12 square mile Town of Bedford as well as a square mile area of Bedford County. Primary response areas include the communities of Bedford, Thaxton, Kelso, and Lowry. The Fire Department is comprised of 46 volunteer firefighters, one part-time apparatus mechanic, and a part-time Fire Chief. The Bedford Fire Department provides county-wide service through automatic aid for all reported building fires as well as technical rescue through the Bedford County Special Operations Command.

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Bedford County Fire and Rescue. Feb 12th Image. This recall involves 31 models of Kidde disposable fire extinguishers with Zytel black plastic valves.
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Bedford County Fire, EMS and Law



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