Mother and son symbol tattoo

27 Heart Warming Ideas For Mother And Son Matching Tattoos

mother and son symbol tattoo

Mother Son Symbol Tattoo | mother son symbol - group picture.

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The first bond you made was the one with your mom when you were in her womb. And the awesome mother and son tattoos we have listed in this article honor that beautiful and eternal bond. You might have seen parents that are disagreed with kids getting tattoos but to your astonishment, there are moms who enjoy matching tattoos or who like to honor their children by getting inked for them. Well, you can consider these tattoos as one of the ways to show love. Although sky has no limit when start looking for matching tattoo ideas.

Ain't no love like a mother's love -- and there most definitely ain't no love like the love between a mother and her son. A mother and her son build a special bond based on affection and emotion. She's always there for him, and he usually adores the living heck out of her. If a mama and her son are lucky enough to have an extremely close bond, then why not honor it with a beautifully sentimental piece of ink? That's right, folks, we're talking about mother-son tats.

I have a love for theater, and my mom always made my costumes for school plays out of curtains, pillows, blankets, and whatever else she could find. We found a way to commemorate that. We have these owls because they have a lot of personal meaning for both of us. For me, it's because they remind me of her because she's beautiful, strong, and wise. My mom and I got a mandala symbol together. One half of the mandala is on my left foot and the other half is on her right foot.

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We have been using symbols to communicate our thoughts before we even developed the art of writing. Some of the symbols we use today have their roots in the very beginning of intelligent human communication. Timeless and Universal. Close Menu. This symbol is also commonly called The Cup. In Paganism, the cup symbolizes water, which is a feminine element.

Super mom Chrissy Teigen just revealed that she and her husband, musician John Legend, got matching tattoos to honor their children. The sleek tattoos include their daughter and their son's names : Luna and Miles. Then, Chrissy's says "John" and John's says "Chrissy. Looking for some mom tattoo design inspiration for your own ink? Here are 35 mom tattoos that could work for anyone whether you're looking for something bright and colorful or something sleek a la the Legends. Follow topics like career advice, lifestyle or health. All rights reserved.

125 Popular Mother Daughter Tattoo Design Ideas

An ankh for eternal life. It will be no different for my next child, whom I plan on getting a Celtic Symbol for Motherhood tattoo shortly after he is born. It is an enduring symbol of the love between a mother, her child, their love, faith in God and her Celtic heritage.

Celtic Symbols for Motherhood: 35 Unique Tattoo Designs

There are so many mom tattoos designs out there that it is hard to pick up the best design. So we have selected 50 best tattoos that you can dedicate to your mother. The love of a mother is unconditional and limitless so it is hard to show it just through a tattoo but still one can try. Here are the best tattoos to honor mom . Another cool tribute tattoo idea for mom would be to get a favorite quote or saying inked on your body.

Both men and women are entitled to express themselves in a way they see fit. If getting tattoos mean expressing yourself, then you should definitely go for it. Most of the time, women get tattoos together with their squad. But today, mother-daughter tattoos have become extremely popular, not only in America, but also in other parts of the world. The reason remains unknown, but people who get this type of tattoo usually feel a stronger mother-daughter bond, than they ever did before. Mother daughter tattoos vary depending on the tastes and preferences of each mother-daughter tandem. If you are one of those kids who have cool mothers, then you can probably get a tattoo design inspired by modern art.

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who choose to mark special occasions or memories on their skin in permanent ink, and those who stick to photo albums, thank you very much. We are firmly Team Tattoo, and have quite a few of our own. It's a big decision, and not one to be taken lightly! We used to fret about how society would perceive people with visible tattoos. And sure, some parents still worry about that when it comes to their kids getting inked! But for the most part, people have a much more open mind about them now.

Parents Who Got Tattoos to Match Their Kids


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