Is an ultrasound and a sonogram the same thing

Sonogram vs. Ultrasound: What’s the Difference?

is an ultrasound and a sonogram the same thing

How Ultrasound Works

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The way the terms sonogram and ultrasound are used interchangeably, it might be easy to assume they mean the same thing. Learn more about important nutrition and exercise habits to take up during your pregnancy with this course. Learn some of the basics of medical terminology with this course. This gel helps transmit the high-frequency sound waves produced by the probe-like ultrasound transducer. Sonograms are useful during pregnancy, because they allow doctors to produce a live feed of the growing fetus, check for abnormalities, and to determine its due date. Sonograms can also be used to examine the patient for medical issues that may not be determinable from the outside, such as internal bleeding.

Today, the terms sonogram vs ultrasound are often used interchangeably. But technically, there is a difference between a sonogram and an ultrasound. Just as a camera captures a photo, an ultrasound produces a sonogram; the term ultrasound refers to the technique used to produce an image, while the sonogram is the image itself. Read on for more details about the difference between a sonogram vs ultrasound—and what you should know before your exam. An ultrasound is a simple, painless and noninvasive procedure that presents no risk of harm to you or baby. Then, the doctor or ultrasound technician will run a probe back and forth through the gel, and the first images of baby will appear on a screen. The exam is as simple as that.

We are equipped with the latest cutting edge ultrasound technology 3D, 4D, X-matrix, etc. Nominate Staff. Available Positions Nursing Jobs Benefits. Although the terms ultrasound and sonogram are technically different, they are used interchangeably and reference the same exam. Routine obstetric ultrasound exams include: Dating and Viability exams — performed as early as 6 weeks to assess pregnancy.

Often, the terms sonogram and ultrasound are used interchangeably. Sonography is a noninvasive, painless procedure. It uses high-frequency sound waves — called ultrasound waves —to produce images of organs, soft tissues, blood vessels, and blood flow, from inside the body. These images are used for medical analysis. After x-ray exams , ultrasound is the most commonly used form of diagnostic imaging. It helps doctors gain insights into the inner workings of the body, and is known for being:.

Sonogram vs. Ultrasound: What Do These Medical Terms Mean?

Ultrasound vs. Sonogram FAQs

Among the most common are X-rays and computed tomography, or CT. Unfortunately, both processes expose the patient to some radiation, and X-rays can only reveal dense substances such as bone. In contrast, sonographers use high frequency sound waves rather than radiation to image the human body. This produces sonograms, or ultrasound images, that reveal soft tissue. A medical sonographer begins her day by inspecting and preparing the machine to ensure it is in working order. She perform maintenance and minor repairs, but will call in equipment specialists for more serious problems.

If you are considering a healthcare career, you may be wondering… what is the difference between diagnostic medical sonography and ultrasound technician work? Most people think of pregnancy when they think of getting a sonogram. But both careers can involve creating images of organs, blood vessels, and other aspects of the human anatomy to form an accurate diagnosis. Even though these professions are sometimes used to imply the same thing, by definition, sonographers use ultrasound technology to create images. So technically, that is the difference between sonography vs ultrasound.



What's the difference between a sonogram and an ultrasound? A medical sonographer — often referred to as an ultrasound tech — is the.
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