The rules of hair care are simple and finite

Biodegradable materials

the rules of hair care are simple and finite

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O nce upon a time there were two computer science students who coincidentally both work for the same company now. I was one of them. More specifically, we were tasked to create a nice to use interface for a library software, which would allow hypothetical librarians to manage books, customers and rentals. A book, for example, could either be in stock, currently lent, damaged or even lost. My fellow student and I were quite eager to get a good grade and, obviously, decided to work on our code in a local, Scandinavian bar. There may or may not have been any beer involved, but after a few hours of happily coding along I was suddenly confronted with the following message:.

Biodegradable materials. Compostable vs.
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As much as we'd love to agree with Elle Woods that the rules of hair care are simple and finite, there are plenty of ways you may be harming your precious strands without even knowing it. Here's how to stop the damage. You want to make sure to clean out those hairy brushes, which are breeding grounds for germs and old residue — things no one wants in their hair. Once a month, clean brushes and combs with a little baking soda and water, dissolving well, soaking for a couple of minutes, and rinsing thoroughly. The baking soda removes oils and products that can get stuck in the bristles. It's not , but the scrunchie could be making a comeback. The best type of elastic to use in your hair is something covered in fabric — a dense, thin hair tie can irritate your strands causing breakage if pulled to tightly.

The rules of hair care are simple and finite. Any Cosmo girl GIF

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