Who was marco polo and how was he influential

Who was Marco polo and how was he influential?

who was marco polo and how was he influential

Terms in this set (19). Who was Marco Polo and how was he influential? There was a guy named Marco Polo and was influential. He was a trader from Venice.


Marco Polo , born c. The Polos were likely shrewd, alert, and courageous; they traded with the Middle East and acquired considerable wealth and prestige. Marco Polo was 17 or 18 when he began his journey from Venice to the farthest reaches of the Mongol empire. The wealth of new geographic information recorded by Polo was widely used in the late 15th and the 16th centuries, during the age of the great European voyages of discovery and conquest. He escorted a Mongol princess, with his father and uncle, by sea to Hormuz, and by land to Khorasan, during his return voyage to Venice. The family had traded with the Middle East for a long time, acquiring considerable wealth and prestige.

Marco Polo was a traveler from Venice who spent 20 years living and traveling in Asia. He was influential because he wrote about his journey to Asia which made many Europeans curious about Asia. No Marco Polo did not invent the game Marco Polo. Marco Polo was 17 when he went on his first travel. Marco Polo was captured by the Genoese. Marco polo knew four languages.

Marco Polo c. He was among the first Europeans to visit this part of the world and was the first to record in detail the many things he observed there. He included information on the culture and religion as well as the geography and government of the regions he visited. His account of the trip was published in as Divisament dou Monde Description of the world , now known generally as "The Travels of Marco Polo. Only later was it realized that most of its contents are quite accurate. In any case, it served to excite Europeans about the riches in trade and culture which might be found in unfamiliar areas of the world and to encourage them to venture out in search of them. Marco Polo lived at an auspicious time in history.

Photo: Netflix. East meets West when Netflix brings the 13th century to life with an epic series featuring the travels and adventures of Venetian explorer Marco Polo , who spent more than two decades in the service of Kublai Khan , one of the greatest rulers in history who reigned over Mongolia for 34 years. Shot in Venice, Kazakhstan and Malaysia, Marco Polo begins with Marco's arrival at the court of Kublai Khan and follows the youth from his teen years to adulthood as he experiences a life only few could imagine: his escapades as he travels throughout Asia, visiting countries no European had seen before, and learning new languages and different cultures along the way. The entire episode season of Marco Polo will become available to Netflix members December 12th at a. But before you watch the series, check out the scoop on the real-life exploits of Marco Polo. Marco barely knew his father, who had spent Marco's childhood as a traveling merchant when they left on their quest.

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Exploring the Truth: 10 Facts on the Real Marco Polo

Marco Polo: Facts, Biography & Travels

At the end of 13 th century three men set out on a long and arduous journey from Venice that took them halfway across the known world. The Western Hemisphere had yet to be discovered by most Europeans and the best access to the prized spices and commodities of the East is travelling thousands of miles over a harsh landscape with bandits and armies in between home and riches. It was because of this journey that one of the three men, Marco Polo, would enter and witness a new world which will forever influence the course of history not only for Venice but also the world. Even before the Polos had traveled to China a handful of others had made their way east in an attempt to learn about the Mongol people or to try and evangelize them. It was during this time that a few more Papal travelers would venture east. Though refused he was welcomed openly and with great interest.

Marco Polo

In Polo's day and even today, there has been some doubt about whether Polo really went to China. However, most experts agree that he did indeed make the journey. Marco Polo was born around into a wealthy Venetian merchant family, though the actual date and location of his birth are unknown. His father, Niccolo, and his uncle Maffeo were successful jewel merchants who spent much of Marco's childhood in Asia. Marco's mother died when he was young; therefore, young Marco was primarily raised by extended family. They expanded long-distance trade and people began to expect accessibility to the foreign goods they brought. Merchants, like the Polo family, became increasingly wealthier.



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