Dungeons dungeons and more dungeons

Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons Game

dungeons dungeons and more dungeons

"Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons" is the 13th episode of the second season of Gravity Falls and the 33rd episode overall. It premiered on August 3.

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For however long Great-Uncle Ford is going to be on the show—and, accomplished voice actor though he absolutely is, a newly minted Oscar winner like J. Sure, it could certainly be interesting if the two just sat down and the older Pines expounded at great length about his inter-dimensional exploits, but it would be a little dry, relying heavily on a whole bunch of details instead of something more intrinsic to the characters. Their shared obsessiveness makes Dipper and Ford a potentially destructive pairing. Oh, also, noted national treasure Weird Al Yankovic is on board as a wizard, which is just great. Gravity Falls has never shied away from silliness, but the wizard and his retinue reach a level of high-energy ridiculousness that the show can rarely match, and Yankovic is a big part of the success of that; his wizard is too risible a character to be properly threatening, but his line readings are manic enough to at least hint at how deeply unhinged this math-based wizard is. The A. Alasdair Wilkins.

The next day, Stan, Mabel and Grenda prepare to watch the season finale of Duck-tective , only to find that Dipper and Ford's dungeon crawl has taken over the TV room. An argument between the two Stans erupts over who deserves the room, during which Stan loses his patience and throws the dice bag across the room, causing the Infinity-Sided Die to roll out. With his magic, Probabilitor captures and takes Dipper and Ford to the forest, intent on eating their brains.
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Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons (board game)

Gravity Falls Season 2 Episode 13 Dungeons, Dungeons, & More Dungeons

Gravity Falls - S02E13 - Dungeons, Dungeons & More Dungeons

In the previous episode, Dipper and Mabel met their Great Uncle Stanford — Ford for short — the man who wrote the journals that have been at the heart of the mysteries of Gravity Falls since episode one. Great Uncle Ford is now here to stay, and this episode is the first time we really get to see how his character mixes with the core cast. We open on a lazy Tuesday. Nothing interesting whatsoever is happening. Suddenly, Great Uncle Ford burst up from the basement with a Cycloptopus trying to devour his arm.

Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons is a board game that the characters on the show Gravity Falls played. I decided to make up rules for this game, but I avoided the intensive planning portion of the game so young kids can play. The part of the game play we see is the character battles. This involves rolling dice, so I tried to incorporate that into this game. I also use a die with more than 6 sides. You could also use regular 6 sided dice, but I tested this game with the multi-sided ones. First you need to print out the GameBoard and either find little toys for game pieces or make your own.

Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons is a fantasy role-playing board game created by Ballway Games. The board game makes its first appearance in "A Tale of Two Stans," during Ford Pines' flashback on how he came to Gravity Falls, Oregon. Unfortunately, after Stan accidentally.
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Its slogan is: "With pen and paper, shield and sword, our quest shall be our sweet reward! The game is seen again during the episode of the same name. Dipper buys the game, and after discovering his and Ford's mutual love for it, they both get carried away with it. Unfortunately, after Stan accidentally rolls the infinity sided die , the characters of the game are transported to Gravity Falls' dimension and Probabilitor the Annoying tries to eat Dipper and Ford's brains to increase his own intelligence. Stan and Mabel are able to defeat Probabilitor at the game, sending him and the others back to their own dimension. The game comes in a blue box with the title written in large yellow font, except for the words "AND MORE," which are stacked on top of each other and written in a much smaller font in orange.


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  1. While its concept is a bit of a foregone conclusion on paper—we need Ford and Dipper to bond and to see the generational similarities between the twin sets, which is quite expected but still needs to be shown for the arc to work—it manages to be quite pleasant in its execution.

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