How to install a new shower head and pipe

How to Replace a Shower Head and Arm

how to install a new shower head and pipe

How to Install a New Shower Head For Dummies


Replacing an old shower arm is a quick and easy home improvement task that you can easily check off your to-do list this weekend. At Mr. Call or request an estimate online. Now that you have a new shower arm, consider upgrading your shower door, too. Contact your local Glass Doctor to talk about replacing your clingy shower curtain with a glass shower door. Just like Mr.

If you have a shower leaking from the shower arm, you might need just a simple fix or a somewhat major repair, depending on where the leak is and your plumbing setup.
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With a master's in sustainable development, Susette helps Southern California water agencies carry out their water conservation projects. I was never quite sure whether I liked handheld showerheads or not. It always annoyed me that they moved around in their holder, or that you had to pick them up and unwind the hose in order to use them. But it wasn't until I got really frustrated with the one in my current granny-house that I began to wonder seriously what good they were. This article is about the benefits of handheld and fixed showerheads, and how to switch one out for the other. Normally I would never consider switching from a wall-mount "fixed" showerhead to a handheld one, but for new parents or pet owners, the switch can be helpful. This is how to replace a fixed showerhead with a handheld one.

Replace the shower head arm in your bathroom when you upgrade the shower head, or replace just the arm because it no longer functions well. Follow these tips to replace your shower head arm, while avoiding common mistakes in the process. Turn off the shower's water supply with its own valve, or shut off the water to the bathroom or the whole house. It is much easier to remove the shower arm from the wall if you take off the showerhead first. You can reuse the shower head, or put on a complete new shower arm and head set. Use the vise grip to immobilize the shower arm while you turn the shower head ring nut with a pipe wrench.

The shower arm is the pipe that connects your showerhead to the water supply pipe behind the wall. Lengths and styles vary, but an arm is often made of chrome steel and is about 12 inches long with a bend in the center. Securely attach the elbow to the framing directly behind the hole in the wall through which the shower arm extends so that it doesn't move. Look through the hole in the wall through which you're going to install the arm with a flashlight, and locate the female fitting. Run your fingers around the threads to clear off any loose drywall dust or debris, then apply pipe dope to the threads using the brush supplied with the dope. Wrap plumbing tape around both ends of the shower arm. Wind the tape clockwise with respect to the arm so that it doesn't unwind while you're screwing in the arm or installing the showerhead.

How to Replace a Shower Arm

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