Joe simpson and simon yates

Joe Simpson (mountaineer)

joe simpson and simon yates

Conversations that change everything mountaineer Joe Simpson "I never told him "

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. The Great Outdoors Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people who love being outdoors enjoying nature and wilderness, and learning about the required skills and equipment. It only takes a minute to sign up. I have just watched the docudrama "Touching the void" for the umpteenth time. I am a climber and mountaineer and have a great deal of respect for Simon Yates and his efforts to save Joe Simpson and also for his decision to cut the rope supporting Joe Simpson. On my last viewing of the movie the blindingly obvious question occurred to me. Why did Joe Simpson not cut the rope himself?

By Elizabeth Grice. There are decorative hearts hanging from the ceiling and strings of star lights lacing a conservatory that looks onto a snug, romantic garden with a bridge over a stream. The touch of a woman is intriguingly apparent — in ecclesiastical quantities of ivory candles and little sculptures of cats. Too dedicated to the dangerous and solitary pursuit of high-altitude climbing to form a permanent relationship? The myths about the abrasive author of Touching the Void vanish like vapour off a snow peak in the sun.

Ahead of a stage version at Perth Theatre — and an accompanying talk from Simon — he opens up to Gayle Ritchie…. It is one of the greatest stories of disaster, abandonment and survival in the mountaineering world. The two friends, then in their 20s, had set out to be the first to reach the summit of 21,ft Siula Grande. They succeeded, but during the treacherous descent Joe broke his leg, leaving Simon to lower him the rest of the way with a rope. Further disaster struck when Simon — in the dark, with frostbitten fingers and during a blizzard — lowered Joe over a cliff-edge leaving him dangling. He cut the rope.

Simon Yates born is an English mountaineer. On the descent, an accident resulted in Simpson falling over a cliff while roped to Yates, who was forced to cut the rope to avoid both climbers falling. Simpson survived, and recounted the story in the book Touching the Void , which was later adapted into a film. After graduation Yates concentrated on mountaineering and did rope access work to support himself financially. Together with Simpson, Yates climbed Siula Grande in , via the hitherto unclimbed west face. On the descent, Simpson fell through a cornice , breaking his right leg and heel. To continue descending, Yates then used ropes to lower Simpson down the mountain in stages.

'Touching the Void' climber says director burned him with one-sided story

Registered in Ireland: AFTER the near-tragedy in the Andes which necessitated him cutting a rope and sending his climbing partner plummeting over the edge of a cliff, just to give the two of them a chance of surviving, mountaineer Simon Yates gave up the outdoor life, retired to rural England and has spent the intervening years working in an office and gardening. That disaster in Peru which nearly killed the thenyear-old and his colleague, Joe Simpson, might have tainted anything to do with mountains for many of us.

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Joe Simpson, 36, is a climber, author and Greenpeace activist. His passion for climbing has taken him all over the world. He has twice come close to losing his life on mountaineering expeditions; the story of his extraordinary survival in the Peruvian Andes is told in his award- winning book Touching the Void. He lives in Sheffield with his dog, Muttley. The mountaineer Simon Yates, 33, was born in Leicestershire. He studied biochemistry at Sheffield University before becoming a climber; he has travelled in Kazakhstan, South America and Australia.

Joe Simpson born is an English mountaineer , author and motivational speaker. While climbing in Peru in , he suffered severe injuries and was thought lost after falling into a crevasse, but he survived and managed to crawl back to his base camp. He described the ordeal in his book Touching the Void , which was adapted into a film in Simpson was born on 9 August [1] in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia , [2] where his father was stationed with the British Army. From the age of 8, Simpson travelled between schools in Britain and various countries where his father was stationed. Despite the inherent dangers of mountaineering described in the book, this reading sparked a passion for the mountains in the young man.




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  1. Joe Simpson was brought up to believe that men don't cry in public because "they don't do it very well".

  2. Theatre fills the void for Simon Yates, climber who cut the rope | News | The Times

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