Pros and cons of year round school video

Pros and Cons of Year Round School

pros and cons of year round school video

Year Round School - The Schedule, Likes & Dislikes

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Independent media needs you. Join the Tyee. Keying off the B. Education Ministry's changing of the School Act to allow all school boards to enact year-round schooling, Aleksandra Sagan's three-part series looks at a Richmond, B. BC just began allowing all schools to go year-round. What it's like for students and teachers who've already made the shift. First in a series.

For some kids, school is never out. As the long summer break ends for most students, about four percent of public schools are using a full year school calendar. Proponents say year-round learning, with short breaks throughout the year, helps stem the loss of math and reading skills over a long summer recess. But opponents say it can create scheduling conflicts for families with other kids not on the year-round schedule. We take a look at the pros and cons of disrupting the traditional school year. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox.

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Even the slightest idea of sending children to school all year round can make some parents cringe, most probably balking at the thought of their children attending schools without a summer break. The usual issue is about the value of a continuous school year that is interspersed with a few short breaks. But while these parents fear about the burdensome things this educational program would bring, there are also others who support the idea, given that it would still offer the same number of school days as the traditional calendar. Here are the pros and cons of year round school:. It could improve academic performance.

The Pros and Cons of Year-Round Schools

The Pros & Cons of Year Round Schooling

16 Pros and Cons of Year Round School

Instead of taking a full Summer vacation, a year-round school provides learning opportunities throughout the entire year. The school continues to operate on a day learning schedule, which is mandatory in the United States. It simply takes shorter breaks between each term. In the standard year-round format, students attend school for 45 days. Then they receive 15 days off.





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