Come and take it flag racist

Pride and prejudice? The Americans who fly the Confederate flag

come and take it flag racist

And they raised a flag sewn from a woman's wedding dress that showed a lone star, an image of the cannon, and the words "Come and Take It.

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In the wake of the terrorist attack in Charlottesville, the big question everyone is asking is how do we stop white supremacy? I think not teaching it would be a good place to start. The Alamo should be in that conversation, too. The Alamo is, after all, dedicated to the American fear of the Mexican body, of Mexican invasion, of Mexican agency that firmly and directly contested agendas of white supremacy in early 19th-century Texas. This is especially true of the fact that race had everything to do with Texas independence and with how we remember the Alamo. As historian H. White martyrdom in the fight against tyranny is often central to these anecdotes, and this is supposed to be the basis for Texan identity.

On Oct. What chaps some townfolk, though, is how activists and marketers far from Gonzales are lifting the slogan with no appreciation of its origins associated the first shot of the Texas revolution. They think it's been cheapened — and they want it back. People fought and were ready to die over this flag. The Battle of Gonzales "was the flashpoint of the Texas revolution," says Stephen Harrigan, author of the acclaimed historical novel, The Gates of the Alamo.

A listening tour in Mississippi asks flag supporters why they still support a symbol that represents pain, division and difficult history. Mon 6 Aug He was a justice of the peace in Yazoo City, the gateway to the fertile, brutal lands of the Delta. The infamous tree, used for lynching, was bending over a bridge on Highway toward Lexington. Lindy, now 66, has shifted her stance on the death penalty. After she sat on a jury that condemned a man to death, she now campaigns for alternatives to execution and stars in a new documentary about her experience.

Back to top. View in: Desktop. Home Forums Recruiting Pick'em LSU Football Schedule. Sign In Register. Political Talk. Apparently now the Gadsen flag is racist.

Was Waving ‘Come And Take It’ Flag Wrong?

Dylann Roof, the year-old white supremacist arrested for the murder of nine African-American churchgoers in Charleston last week , displays a number of them in his internet postings. On a website he created to advertise his racist beliefs since taken down , he can be seen holding America's most commonly displayed ex-flag: the battle standard of the Confederacy, flown by the pro-slavery side in America's civil war.

For Sale: A Texan Symbol Of Defiance

Earth to the Republican Party. You built this. Despite the opinions and craven spin artistry coming from the conservative media the recent act of racial terrorism in Charleston, S. Progressives, liberals and Democrats in red states know the truth about the Republican Southern Strategy of race and hate. I would like to share my story from my perspective as a long-term resident of Houston. So, as an active volunteer for Democratic candidates during the Gubernatorial and other down ballot races, I found myself perplexed as to why state wide candidates ran against President Obama as if he were running for their jobs. Todd Staples the state's former Agricultural Commissioner who ran for Lt.

The “Come and Take It” flag is a part of Texas history, specifically the Battle of that they stop waving it because the teacher deemed it “racist.”.
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