Rise and fall of the berlin wall history channel

Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall

rise and fall of the berlin wall history channel

On August 13, , the Communist government of the German Democratic Republic (GDR, or East Germany) began to build a barbed wire and concrete “Antifascistischer Schutzwall,” or “antifascist bulwark,” between East and West Berlin. The Berlin Wall stood until November 9,

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For 28 years, the Iron Curtain kept East Germans from fleeing to the West and the momentous occasion of its destruction signified a resounding international celebration for freedom. Here, we take a look a look at the fascinating history of the Berlin Wall:. East German troops are enlisted to erect the wall and work commences after midnight. Serving as one of the most enduring deaths at the wall, year-old Peter Fechter is shot in the pelvis and bleeds to death while trying to escape. His speech reiterates the values of freedom and solidarity to West Berlin:. Let them come to Berlin.

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Great events do not always have great causes. Struggling with the fear that he was dying of cancer, and angry over insults from higher-ups, he disobeyed direct orders and started letting East Germans through the gate. On November 9, , in defiance of his Communist bosses, he opened the largest checkpoint of the Berlin Wall to let East Germans pass freely to the West. After all, it was a confrontation between superpowers that had frozen a dividing line not just across the city, but also across all of Europe since the end of World War II. In the wake of two catastrophic wars in the first half of the 20th century, the Soviet Union had taken swift action after its WWII victory to turn Central and Eastern Europe into a de facto buffer zone against any future repeat invasion. Residents of the countries between Germany and the Soviet Union were given little choice in the matter as Moscow—which had assembled most of them into a defensive alliance called the Warsaw Pact —came to dominate their political institutions and make all significant political and security decisions.

Busting the Berlin Wall explores the daring escape stories over the Wall that divided a nation. With amazing CGI dramatizations and an in-depth look into the unusual, terrifying and defying escapes over the Berlin Wall, this documentary looks at the daredevils who made it and delves into the truly amazing escape stories of this time. Produced by the History Channel, Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall explores the complete history of how the wall came to be and its eventual downfall. After nearly 30 years of separation, on November 9, , East and West Berliners finally tore down the wall that forced them apart. Including a live interview with President Reagan, this is a transportative look into one of the most notable days in 20th-century history. The Berlin Wall stood as forbidding structure, and for many, as a symbol of death.

That night, ecstatic crowds swarmed the wall. Some crossed freely into West Berlin, while others brought hammers and picks and began to chip away at the wall itself. To this day, the Berlin Wall remains one of the most powerful and enduring symbols of the Cold War. Even though Berlin was located entirely within the Soviet part of the country it sat about miles from the border between the eastern and western occupation zones , the Yalta and Potsdam agreements split the city into similar sectors. The Soviets took the eastern half, while the other Allies took the western.

Berlin Wall

On the evening of November 9, , East Germany announced an easing of travel restrictions to the west, and thousands demanded passage through the.
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