Jimmy fallon and justin bieber

Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon perform undercover, floss in 'Musical Photobomb' prank

jimmy fallon and justin bieber

Justin Bieber is a Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter. After being discovered on YouTube, he signed a recording contract with Island/Def Jam records.

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For those of you who are exhausted from the long work week, Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon are here to get you through the rest of the day. The famed singer teamed up with the Tonight Show host to surprise some unsuspecting New Yorkers in Central Park, and it's the perfect little pick-me-up. During the hilarious segment, the pair donned cheap mullet wigs and fake mustaches before heading to the iconic park for an amusing lip sync performance to Bieber's chart-topping single "What Do You Mean? It's impossible not to laugh as they photobomb everyone from old men strumming their guitars to a random group strolling through the park and a family enjoying a picnic outdoors. However, the segment's most memorable moment comes towards the end of the video when Fallon and Bieber bridge-humped in unison next to a young woman trying to read her book. Even she couldn't resist chuckling at their humorous antics.

Earlier this summer, between crying in New York City and grabbing coffee every other day with Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber was spotted carrying a wig throughout Central Park. Justin Bieber wearing a suit in ? WIG pic. Initially people were like, "WTF is happening? Turns out, that photo was taken after Justin ran all throughout the park dancing and "musical photobombing" people with Jimmy Fallon.

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A very disguised Justin Bieber photobombs people in Central Park

Sign in., Fallon took The Tonight Show to Central Park on Thursday for the first time ever, shooting an episode on an outdoor stage in the middle of the historic New York City locale, and to celebrate the special occasion he teamed up with the singer for a goofy pre-taped segment.


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