I am 2 months pregnant and not showing

Week 4 - your 1st trimester

i am 2 months pregnant and not showing

I am currently 16 weeks pregnant and still not showing. My mom said she was five months before she started showing and most of my friends.


Take a look at each week of your pregnancy, from conception to birth, with our comprehensive email newsletters. Remember: check your email and click on the link in the Huggies welcome email to confirm your details. You'll need to activate to enter promotions -. Any interference from harmful drugs, alcohol, viruses, or bacteria could negatively affect the healthy development of your baby. This will be the first month that you skip a period, making you very suspicious of whether you are pregnant or not. By the end of your second month of pregnancy you might have noticed some of the early symptoms of pregnancy, such as:.

Those tight pants are more likely due to early pregnancy bloating thanks to those all important pregnancy hormones. Unfortunately, it takes some time for the uterus and baby to grow big enough to have a nice, round belly we associate with being pregnant. Or even maternity bands which can be used on your regular pants, leaving your button and zipper open. For most women, their bellies tend to pop at around the four and a half month mark 18 weeks onwards, and their belly is quite noticeable by 5 months. The second trimester is a great one usually morning sickness has reduced or disappeared, you have much more energy and feel better and you have a cute little belly to show for it.

Congratulations, you're pregnant! Whether that bundle of cells inside you was planned or unexpected, we hope you have a very happy and healthy pregnancy. What's happening in my body? You probably don't look pregnant at all. Most first-time mums don't start showing until at least week

By Holly Pevzner Apr 11, Photo: Stocksy United. Your growing belly becomes your own personal billboard, shouting your news without you having to say a wordwhich may not be ideal for some women who would prefer to keep their bumps a secret from family, friends and co-workers for a little while longer. But for other women, the appearance of that teeny bump is a huge relief. So the big question is, When do most pregnant women start showing?

Women face body scrutiny on a daily basis, be it from strangers on the street or "well-meaning" family members. And the scrutiny only intensifies when you become pregnant. That was the case for Yiota Kouzoukas, a mom-to-be who faced some harsh criticism about her baby bump, which was growing backward early in her pregnancy. Kouzoukas, a co-owner of online clothing store Sabo Skirt , began documenting her pregnancy in August after announcing the news on Instagram. Over the course of the next few months, people left comments and sent her messages criticizing her lack of a baby bump.

2 Months Pregnant: Symptoms and Fetal Development

Why is My Pregnancy Not Showing?


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