Alden b dow home and studio

Alden Dow House and Studio

alden b dow home and studio

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This was a very interesting, enjoyable tour. I did not know much before the tour, but I did when I Fascinating tour if you have any interest in architecture. Probably boring for others. The tour I did not know much before the tour, but I did when I left!

From a low and sheltered entry, the reception area soars… natural light, spring green and crab-apple pink bathe the space and quizzically makes it way down to his Floating Conference Room…situated eighteen inches below the pond. Experience the awe of color, shape and texture blended with nature on a public tour of the Alden B. Dow Home and Studio. Photography We allow exterior photography but not interior photography. It is not wheelchair accessible. Certified Service Animals are welcome. Pets are not allowed.

Text description provided by the architects. The Alden B. Dow Home and Studio, design by architect Alden Dow himself, masterfully incorporates work and domestic life in an interwoven fabric with the natural world. A winding circulation serves to both separate programs within the home and add organic interest to the plan. The elaborate and labyrinthine circulation allows for divergence from paths. Hidden views are revealed and deviating rooms beckon visitors to push further. These paths represent a mixture of form and function coming together seamlessly.

Designated a National Historic Landmark in , the Alden B Dow Home and Studio continues to engage the imagination and elicits emotional responses in all .
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Imaginatively woven into the natural environment and surrounding pond, the Alden B. Dow Home and Studio elicits you to question, peek around corners and travel on unknown paths. It draws you into rooms of diverging angles, soaring roof lines, brilliant color, abundant natural light, and geometric patterns. The integration of building and site truly exemplify Mr. Designed and built in a small, conservative, Midwestern town amidst the Great Depression, the Home and Studio challenges your idea of the built environment. The Home and Studio reflects Alden B.

Alden B. Dow Home & Studio

Alden B. Dow Home and Studio-PART 1

Alden B. Dow Home and Studio

Alden B. Dow's own studio, placed along a stream and a plum grove in the park-like garden of his father's Herbert H. Dow house, opened his architectural career with the most beautiful expression of his picturesque architecture. Although Dow apprenticed with Frank Lloyd Wright in the summer and fall of , the lyrical composition of his studio and home is very much his own. The former playroom of the Dow house holds the Alden B. Dow Archives.

Midland Alden B. Dow Date: The Alden B. Dow Home and Studio is located on property previously used as fruit orchards had been planted by Herbert Dow, Alden Dow's father. From the beginning Alden Dow had a firm concept of how the Home and Studio would relate to the natural elements of the site and redirected a stream to establish the pond that surrounds the structure. Dow's drafting room sits parallel to the pond. When construction began, Dow's patented unit blocks were not in production. Therefore, the long narrow drafting room was frame construction with Homasote exterior panels on the south facing wall, a strong horizontal element in contrast to the pitched copper roof.

Alden B. Dow Home and Studio , also known as Alden B. The quality and originality of his work, as well as his association with Frank Lloyd Wright , have earned him lasting national recognition. Construction for the first studio began in , while the majority of the United States was struggling through the Great Depression. With the Dow Chemical Company located in Midland Michigan, the community had not been hit as hard as the rest of the country.


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