Chad and jt fox news

WSL’s “Get Sent” Guys Appear on Fox News For Some Reason

chad and jt fox news

The latest Tweets from Chad Kroeger (@chadgoesdeep). Official twitter for Chad and JT from Chad Goes Deep. San Clemente, CA.

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Way back in December, we introduced you to Chad and JT, two 21st-century patriots who vent viral for their opposition to a new Los Angeles city council initiative to crack down on house parties in the Hollywood Hills. Exercising their right as American citizens and relying on experienced gained during a recent campaign to erect a Paul Walker RIP statue on the San Clemente pier , the pair—clad in "Bacon" beanies and Hawaiian shirts with ties—became instant heroes, racking up over half-a-million views on YouTube and logging appearances on major "news" networks like Fox "News" in the process. Unfortunately, their righteous pleas went unheeded, and last week the LA City council passed its proposed house party ban like the dickhead principal in some John Hughes movie. Never ones to back down from a fight, however, on Tuesday Chad and JT returned to court to express their disappointment and disillusionment with the American political machine. Two minutes of pure liquid gold ensued:. The LA CIty Coucil has yet to return our calls requesting transcripts of this exchange to frame and hang on every vertical surface of our office, but don't worry, we went ahead and gathered a few non-volume-dependent highlights anyway.

Videos for JT Parr. JT Parr - Unlicensed Therapy - - JT Parr is an activist and all around chill guy, we chatted about his porn addiction, medication, and sensitivity. Homage to Joe Rogan - JT's homage to Joe Rogan.

I'm Chad Kroeger, from San Clemente & passionate about surfing and Listen to my new podcast Going Deep! the help of my right hand man, JT Parr. JT is a.
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In the pod, they will discuss major current events, honor legends, explore ongoing beefs, and give advice to fans who have sent in questions. New episodes released every Wednesday! For more of Chad Goes Deep, check us out at www. What up stokers, in this episode we are joined by pro surfer Anastasia Ashley. We discuss growing up in Hawaii as a young surfer, her recent years as a lifestyle ambassador, her experiences traveling around the world and the life as a social media star. Check it out!

'House party activists' fight for the right to party in LA

He has co-written several songs for other artists and films. He learned to play the guitar at age

Not JT and Chad. Everything about them is laugh-out-loud funny. Whether it's arguing for Paul Walker statues or appearing on Fox News, it's all.
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So imagine our surprise when they appeared on Fox News last week, with peroxide-blonde hair, speaking out for the health of coral reefs. Or maybe trolling Fox. Or surfers. Or themselves. Pretty hard to say, actually. Not sure what to make of that, really. We guess.

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  1. 'House party activists' fight for the right to party in LA | On Air Videos | Fox News

  2. Cable news, baby. But Chad and JT crushed it. When Jesse said that he looked like a Chia Pet and JT goes “savage burn, and on TV dog”.

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