Skip beat kyoko and ren

Ren Tsuruga/Relationships

skip beat kyoko and ren

Ren Tsuruga and Kyoko Mogami are both in love with each other but both have no plans of confessing. Chapter 96 - Ren tricks Kyoko and lays his head down on her lap. Chapter - Kyoko sees Ren in his appearance as Kuon/Corn.

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Ren's relationship with Kyoko is quite complicated. The two met when they were little, in Kyoto, when Ren was 10 and Kyoko was 6 years old. Kyoko also inspired Ren's ideal of a Japanese woman while being together with him for a few days in Kyoto. At the time they met, Kyoko was trying to find a place to cry alone so she would not be bothered by Sho, and while finding a place to cry, she found Kuon Mispronounced as "Corn" by Kyoko where she befriended him. On one of the occasions, he confided about his growing, yet conflicted, love for Kyoko. Completely oblivious to this fact, Kyoko in the chicken suit encourages him and still advises him to go for the relationship.

Kyoko Mogami has built many relationships over the course of the series that have defined her and others. Ten years later, Kyoko met Kuon now called Ren at the LME agency, when she was being dragged out by Mr Sawara for trying to be an actress when she said that she only wanted to get revenge on Sho Fuwa. This made Kyoko hate him just as much as she hated Sho. Kyoko hated Ren for constantly teasing her about her life, abilities and how she did things. In the Dark Moon Ark, Kyoko is devastated when Ren is at risk of being fired from the Dark Moon set because of his inability to act out emotions of strong love.

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Kyoko Mogami/Relationships

Ren Tsuruga and Kyoko Mogami are both in love with each other but both have no plans of confessing., Ren's feelings continue to grow deeper whilst Kyoko starts to acknowledge that she is in love with Ren.


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  1. Okay it was probably too much to hope that Ren and Kyoko would sort out their problems themselves.

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