The last days of the third age mount and blade


the last days of the third age mount and blade

The Last Days of the Third Age — a total conversion of Mount and Blade and Warband into J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth.

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From reading ye olde MBX dev forums, I understood that we may allow players to siege by asking their lords for a 'Banner' lotsa res points, influence, and player rank must be LEET! Let's have an actual design on how we allow players this, while i study how to actually implement it. I've also added the new dialogues. I'll add it in a future patch. Added orc faction dialogues to the document. Orc stuff is a lot harder to write actually. If you and janpospisil1 are okay with them, that should wrap this up.

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Tolkien's Middle-earth, the setting of The Lord of the Rings novels. The mod lets the player participate as a soldier on either side of the War of the Ring as a man, an elf, a dwarf, an orc, an uruk, or an uruk-hai. Players can fight against the dark lord Sauron as member of one of several good-aligned factions, or they can join the forces of Sauron or the wizard Saruman as an orc or evil human. The developers based the module upon the text of J. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. The appearances, the music, and the story are also based on J. Tolkien and not on Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings series of films, though they did take inspiration from the films for some aspects of the module.

Its draws its inspiration from The Lord of the Rings , especially the books although some clothings and city appearances come from the movies. It puts the player in the middle of the War of the Ring, with a lot of factions, units, and towns. The player creates a character and begins alone near a camp or town of the faction which he chose, already attached to it, and equipped with the gear of a tier-1 unit of that faction or tier-2 if you chose that in game creation. New Shadow settlements will appear all over the map, generals from every faction will begin campaigning, and small unled stacks will begin departing settlements and doing battle with each other all over the map. Beyond the obvious changes, there is an inobvious change on focus. The course of the war is heavily affected by combat between roaming AI stacks and giving your troops to an allied stack can help them chase down and defeat enemy unled stacks and tilt faction strength in your favor. The mod takes away the sting of giving away troops you've spent days training up by removing the promotion fee that Native had, and having the receiving faction give you resource points for every soldier given to one of their stacks.

Some reward item changes Imladris, Mirkwood, Dunland. Mirkwood elves now have axes. New reward swords for Gondor, Imladris, and Mirkwood, made by Avelium. New Mirkwood axe, made by Avelium. New warhorses for Khand and Gondor. Misc Do not reassign archers to infantry when out-of-ammo.

Player Initiated Siege


The Last Days of the Third Age


The Last Days (of The Third Age of Middle Earth) mod for Mount & Blade


The Last Days of the Third Age is a module for the original Mount&Blade —and later ported to Warband— set in the fantasy world of author J.R.R. Tolkien's.
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