Siegfried and roy tiger attack

Siegfried and Roy break silence on infamous 2003 tiger attack

siegfried and roy tiger attack

Siegfried & Roy Animal Trainer Alleges Cover-Up In 2003 Tiger Attack - TODAY

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And that was an accident," he added. And he looked around," he said, adding that the confused animal "of course" tried to help him to safety. Horn added that he holds "no" resentment toward the tigers and is "very" happy as he continues his recovery. Fischbacher said that he doesn't "miss" performing. He added, "We have been onstage in Vegas just by themselves for 40 years onstage, you know? And we had the most successful show in the history of Las Vegas anyway. Contributing: Susan Haas.

From to , Siegfried and Roy were executive producers of Father of the Pride. They immigrated to the United States and became naturalized citizens. Siegfried purchased a magic book as a child and began practicing tricks. Siegfried moved to Italy in , and began working at a hotel. He eventually found work performing magic on the ship the TS Bremen under the stage name Delmare.

By Associated Press. Mantecore, the white tiger that injured Roy Horn on a Las Vegas stage over a decade ago, has died. He was No other details were provided. The average lifespan for such a tiger in captivity is 15 to 26 years, according to the San Diego Zoo's website. Legendary: Siegfried, left, and Roy, seen in , had a popular Las Vegas show until Roy was attacked on stage in

Skip to this video now. Play Video. Tiger found caged in abandoned home gets second chance at wildlife sanctuary.
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Famed illusionists Siegfried and Roy have spoken out about the gory tiger attack that left audiences horrified and Roy critically injured in Famed illusionists Siegfried and Roy performed shows with large tigers. Siegfried and Roy have broken their silence for the first time in years to rebut allegations from an onstage trainer that the famed illusionists were to blame for the horrific tiger attack that almost killed Roy in Roy Horn, 74, was injured by Mantacore, a pound Siberian tiger, during a live performance at the Mirage hotel-casino in Las Vegas on October 3, Roy pictured with the tiger during one of their shows. The two men have said they believe Mantacore sensed Roy was having a mini-stroke and was dragging him to safety, rather than attacking him. Animal experts have disputed that theory.

In a lengthy interview with The Hollywood Reporter , his first since the mauling, Chris Lawrence claimed the German magician had been spending less and less time with the tigers, eroding their bond, right up until the fateful night when he deviated from the routine, triggering a mauling from the 7-foot, lb tiger named Mantacore. He accused his former bosses of staging a cover up, in an effort to preserve their brand; he claimed the duo put forth a romanticized version of events, in which Roy suffered a stroke on stage and the tiger attacked in a misguided attempt to save him. Roy did suffer a debilitating stroke, but Lawrence insists it was a result of the attack, not the cause of it. Lawrence is also wracked by guilt for the role he played, admitting Roy was going to do the doomed-trick with a new cub that night — his 59th birthday — but Lawrence convinced him to use Mantacore instead. The former trainer also opened up about the how he thought he was going to die that night himself, and PTSD he has suffered through ever since, including constant nightmares, alcohol abuse and even suicidal tendencies. Lawrence said in the years leading up to the attack, Horn was spending less time in close contact with the animals; his constant routine of hand-feeding the cats and talking to them on his rounds became sporadic. The trick where everything went wrong was called The Rapport, in which Roy would interact up close with the tiger and even dance with it; for his birthday he wanted to use one of the cubs for a change as he thought it would "be cute"; but because a lot of the magician's famous friends were in the audience, Lawrence said he pushed for the more impressive adult cat.

The Las Vegas attack is equally horrific and unforgettable: as 1, fans watched in the audience, a pound white tiger named Montecore sank his teeth into the performer and dragged his unconscious body off the stage. But did Roy Horn survive the attack? And more importantly, how did it happen? The German-born immigrants were discovered while performing on a cruise ship and were invited to join the European night club circuit. Before long, they made it to Vegas.

Tiger Attack

Siegfried & Roy deny they caused horrific 2003 tiger attack that cost them their careers

The explanation has always been that Roy suffered a stroke, and the tiger reacted to protect him. In a long interview, Lawrence says Horn was spending too little time with the tigers before shows, eroding the bond between animal and performer. The night of the accident, Oct. By Roy not following the correct procedure, it fed into confusion and rebellion. When the tiger bit at Horn's sleeve, Lawrence made a move to intervene, tempting him with raw meat. The trainer grabbed Montecore's leash, and the tiger managed to knock both men down. But the tiger was only interested in Horn, dragging the unconscious performer off the stage.



Tiger that injured Roy Horn of Siegfried & Roy in 2003 dies





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  1. Siegfried & Roy are a German-American duo of magicians and entertainers, who became known for their appearances with white lions and white tigers. From , until Roy's career ending tiger injury on October 3, , the duo Horn on October 3, , in Nordenham, in the midst of bomb attacks, to Johanna Horn.

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